Drexel ACE(Fall 2006)

  1. Just wondering if anyone else is applying for this term. I thought their deadline was Dec.15 but it's actually Oct.15. Good thing I called...I was planning on waiting for this semester grades to boost my gpa up before sending out my transcript. But oh well....no choice but to send it in tommorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed. They told me it only took 6 weeks after their deadline to send decision letters out. That's pretty quick.
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  3. by   LUNISE
  4. by   LUNISE
    Anyone? Is it only me that's applying on here?
  5. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from LUNISE
    Anyone? Is it only me that's applying on here?

    Well, I'm not applying to Drexel, but I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!
  6. by   LUNISE
    Thanks Fun2care....they said I should know in six weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed...and praying.
  7. by   charleybarley
    I also applied to drexel- back in march- but still for the 2006 fall class. The lady in charge of admissions also told me the deadline was Oct 15, but she said that if they did not have enough applications, they would extend it to Nov 15. She said that decisions would be mailed out 1 month after whatever the deadline is. So if Oct was the deadline then we should know after Nov 15.

    I got the feeling from her that as long as you have all the prereqs and the 2.75 gpa, that you should be accepted. I guess a lot of people have problems because drexel requires so many pre-reqs. Which pre-reqs do you still have left to take? I'm taking Physiology lab and my 2nd english class right now and then I will be taking the ethics next semester.

    well- good luck and lets hope we both get in!
  8. by   LUNISE
    Finally someone else... yeaaaah!

    I plan on taking ethics during the first half of the summer and microbiology next semester. I'll be praying for both of us. I really really wanna go there...I applied to Spalding and plan on applying to another school.

    Is that the only school you applied to?

    She did state the priority deadline was Oct.15. But, they would start reviewing two weeks after that so she said we should hear something in December..the latest early January. But we'll see...aaww I can't stand the wait ...I can imagine for you since you applied since March...
  9. by   Lambert5883

    I won't be starting in Fall of '06, but in Spring of '06 (March). I will gladly give you guys the Drexel run-down once things get started, starting with orientation. Have not heard a peep out of others that will be starting the same time as I.

    Good luck!
  10. by   LUNISE
    Thanks Lambert! It would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah and congrats on your acceptance
  11. by   charleybarley

    I contacted the asst. director of admissions and she said that we should expect a decision by the end of next week- so now I'm freaking out- will I get in? will I get rejected? ahhh!

    Well -lambert- definetely keep us up to date with any info you get. I remember when I went to the info session the lady said we pay the entire tuition at the beginning of the semester, rather than per quarter. Is this true? I can't imagine taking out almost $30,000 of loans at once!

    lunise- I also applied to Jefferson but they keep telling me my damn application is incomplete. Supposedly my professors haven't sent in the reccomendations yet- so that is what is holding everything up. It's quite a pain in the tush because it already took so much to just ask them for the recc. and now to bug them about whether they completed them- ahhh! (both of the professors are the snooty type)

    My first choice was Jeff (mainly because you can continue on with the MSN with no hassles, no reapplying...) but since everyday there is some new problem with my app- I may just screw it and go with drexel if I get accepted there first. (in that case I wouldn't have to take the 2nd yr of chem )

    well- i guess I'll see what happens..

    btw, what kind of nursing do you want to go into?
  12. by   LUNISE
    Ok now I'm freakin' out....next week...oh my goodness that is so close. I already started looking at their dorms. Making plans as if I'm already accepted. I play too much. But this is my first choice. The program starts just in time. I'd be able to complete my apartment leasing and don't have to worry about finding someone to sublease from me. Plus I'd have some time to breathe and relax after I graduate in April.

    I'm interested in Neonatal nursing....how about yourself?

    P.S I'm praying for both of us.
  13. by   charleybarley

    do they actually have dorms for ACE students (or are we allowed to live in the dorms assigned to normal undergrads?) I got the impression that we would be on our own in finding an apartment?

    Yeah I do like the fact that the program starts in late sept- that will give me some time to work and make some $$. Are you a CNA or have you done anything with any hospitals? I'm not a cna but I did recently start volunteering- not really doing anything major- but I do get to see the little babies . I also get to see the nurses- and honestly some of them are quite mean- but that hasnt discouraged me yet.

    Right now I would love to go into neonatal as well- but I think I would be
    better suited for psych nursing- we'll see.

    Ok, well let me know of any other info you find out!
  14. by   LUNISE
    As far as housing, I looked into Stiles Alumni Hall...I would like to stay on campus if I were to get accepted especially since I don't know the area. Plus I remember reading somewhere on the site that Stiles Alumni Hall was an option for ACE students. It looks pretty decent.

    I'll be volunteering at Children's Medical Services in January and I'd get to take blood pressure and take their weight and so forth. I can imagine it's going to be an awesome experience.

    Oh yeah I call yesterday and was told my application is in review and I should know by next week or two. I'm so nervous..that's all I've been talking about and asking for people to pray for me. God willingly hopefully we both get accepted.