Don't know what to think....

  1. So, I had an online chat today with the admission person at UNC - Chapel Hill. There were about 10 people in the chat room asking various questions. Well, up until today, I thought they were sending all of the admission letters at one time - until two of the people in the chat room said they had already been accepted.

    From then on my mind was racing. Have they already sent all of the acceptance letters, and just waiting until the last minute to send letters to the denied students? Is it a good sign :spin:that I haven't received anything yet? or a bad sign? Will I be getting my letter soon? Is my application up in the air - and they just can't decide? WHAT??? AHHHH

    I also found out 180 people applied for 33 spots:trout: - which is a lot more than they anticipated. I feel a little discouraged all of a sudden. Did I have my hopes built up too high? Is my application still competitive enough - and WHY HAVEN'T I HEARD YET!?!?

    Just needed to vent for a second... I feel better now!:spin:
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    give them a phone call or email and find out if you are accepted or on a waiting list..these people may have been on a waiting list and have now been accepted
    good luck
  4. by   Jilaweez
    If it makes you feel better when I went to take my teas test I overheard two girls talking about how they had already been accepted. (WHAT? only 40 only 38...jeesh) I couldn't help it...I asked them how they were already in the program...they had both gotten in the year before and had to cancel due to special circumstances and the college was nice enought to defer their spots for one year...luckies! Who knew anyone could do that? If I didn't ask them why, I would've been driving myself crazy wondering if I missed early application deadlines or something. Good luck!
  5. by   westeastcoastnurse2b
    UNCNURSEWANNAB- Did you apply to the 14 or 14 month option at UNC? I'm assuming UNC initially accepts a certain amount of students and then sends out a second wave of letters once they hear back from the first bunch of accepted students. Maybe they do it this way instead of having a huge wait-list. That way, they know how many people are coming from an early acceptance bunch and how many more people they can invite. I'm assuming this is how they are doing it if some students have already heard! I'm in the same boat- just waiting and waiting! Although, it's a tough program to get into out of state so i'm not holding my breath! I think it's a good thing that you haven't received a "no" yet! Good luck and keep me in the loop!
  6. by   UNCNurseWannaB
    thanks for the post - maybe that is the case!

    i still didn't receive the letter today, but i'm going to try my very best to be optimistic, hopefull, and only a little eager.

    the thing that makes me most nervous is that the program starts on may 15th - my wife and i have to: find new jobs, daycares, apts., and move 200 miles away in that very small timeframe... and it's just sooo much riding on this one letter. i'm very unhappy at my current job (workin' for the man), and i can't wait to give my two weeks notice if i get into nursing school.

    whewww..... calm down.... only be a little bit eager *trying, trying*

    we can do this!!!!!!!!!!! (right?!)
  7. by   hopefulnurse123
    Wow! I am really freaking out now. I too also applied to the 14 month program beginning in May and I have been dying to find out if I got in or not. I have not received anything yet. I did find out from the nursing school that they sent all of their decisions to the Undergraduate office Tuesday, which would have been 03/20/07. I spoke to undergraduate admissions today to see if they would be sending out the notices before April 15, and they told me that they did not foresee the notifications being sent out before then. I can't believe there were 180 that applied for 33 spots. I thought they would have had more spots than than. I am praying everyday that I get in, but like you, I feel disappointed to hear that others already know that they got in. But, I'm glad to hear it's people that already got accepted before and had to reapply; however, I asked the nursing school before if you can defer, and they said that you cannot defer, and that you have to reapply again if you can't go, but maybe they worked something out for those 2 girls.

    It's crazy that they let you know only 1 month before the program starts because for people like you who need to move, etc. it can present a real problem. Please let me know when you find out something and I'll do the same. I am like you, completely nerve wrecked as to when we are going to find out something. Let's keep our hopes high and who knows? Maybe we'll be in the program together.

    Also, is there anyone out there who did previously get accepted to the 14 month program? How long did it take you to get in?

    Thanks for your help!
  8. by   UNCNurseWannaB
    The people that have already been accepted were NOT accepted before this year. I have even seen people on here that were accepted to the 24 month program, and have already received their letter.

    I can't believe that they're not going to get the letters out before April 15th - that sounds CRAZY. Maybe they just say that so they won't be held to a shorter time-frame.... maybe???

    I wish you the best of luck, and you have to post any news you hear - and I will do the same!!!!

    I asked the person that was accepted to the 24 month program and she received her letter yesterday, so that would mean they prob. mailed it around the 20th. hmmmmm... Also, it comes in a small envelope, whether you are rejected or accepted.
  9. by   hopefulnurse123
    That's surprising. I would have thought it would have come in a big envelope with paperwork included. Thanks for the information. Good luck and let's keep in touch as to what we hear. Hopefully, they will let us know soon. I really hope we get in. I'm a little discouraged that so many people applied, but I'm trying to stay optimistic. Thanks again for the info. Good luck!
  10. by   NurseJeanB
    Good luck to you both. Don't be discouraged by the number of applicants for those 30 or so slots. Out this way (West Coast) the ratio is about 800 applicants for 80 spots. 1:10. Still we live in hope. I visited the UNC- Chapel Hill Campus and fell in love with it. If I lived out there I would apply in a second. I hope you both get in... and hear soon.
  11. by   UNCNurseWannaB
    Hopefulnurse123 - So, I was looking online. I went to the place where you can check your application status (which they never change). Well, the one thing that does change is the "last updated" part. I think this changes the date and time, every time they look at your application. My changed in feb, then March 13th, and then March 25th - which was this SUNDAY!!

    What does that mean? Do you think they are still making decisions? Now I'm confused again, lol.

    Hmmmmmm.... what does yours say?
  12. by   hopefulnurse123
    Mine says the same. I get really excited when it changes. I hope we hear something soon. Please let me know if you receive something in the mail and I will do the same. Good luck!
  13. by   westeastcoastnurse2b
    Hi Ladies,

    I too am waiting on the 2nd degree program offered at UNC. Although, I applied to the 24 month option, not the 14 month option. I just wanted to let you guys know that my status changed yesterday- March 26th! They must be getting ready to mail out letters! Good luck to the two of you!
  14. by   UNCNurseWannaB
    Hey there Westeastcoastnurse...

    I really hope we hear this week - it has to mean SOMETHING that all of our applications were updated on the same day!

    I saw someone else on here for the 24th month program and they got their letter like 2 weeks ago - I'm very jealous, of course.

    Good luck to you - keep us posted!