Do you prefer buying books that already have writing in them? - page 2

Just wondering if anybody has a preference when buying books. Have you found that it helps to have used books that have already been highlighted and written in? If not, do you like to do your own... Read More

  1. by   MB37
    I'm planning on keeping Chem, Micro, A&P, and nutrition. I wouldn't bother with hanging onto a math book unless you struggled with it and might really need to reference it at a later date. Psych I have a degree in already so I know most of the basics, but I believe I've read elsewhere on this site that any developmental concepts that you need to know are generally recovered in nursing classes. If you have an APA or MLA style book I'd keep that too for papers later on. Oh, and I stand in the bookstore and leaf through all the used books they have to find ones with no highlighting, or else I have to spend the big bucks on a new one. Then I highlight like crazy in multiple colors, and I'm sure no one would want my books after me. Do what makes sense to help you learn the best, but don't try to cut corners. Good luck!
  2. by   LMRN10
    Actually, I don't prefer one or the other. It doesn't matter either way and I have noticed, even if there is highlighting or writing, I don't pay attention to it. I usually don't write in my own books...I keep notes.
  3. by   taylor21
    To me, it is really about price right off, if it is a pricey book, one that I could refer to later, I will by a brand new one. If it is something that I will never use again (i.e. English) i will by one that is missing a cover if i can get it for chep.
  4. by   likatutata
    i prefer to do my own writing. highlighting is ok...however sometimes people highlight some weird stuff that isn't really very important. but dang...i can't stand when there's writing in the margins. i don't even know why.

    i mark my books up so much. just this morning i highlighted the periodic table of elementrs according to metals (green), metalloids (purple), and non-metals (orange) to help me remember! i also highlight vocab words in one color and other information in another...i'm a NERD!
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I don't like to buy books with writing or highlighting in them because:

    1) Usually the prior book owner had sloppy writing

    2) Who's to say that writing will be applicable to what i'll be learning. Different profs teach different ways.

    3) If someone writes in a book, that leaves little room for me to write in (if i went to write in it, but i don't because i keep them clean to sell them back.)