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Tape or digital. What has your experience been? I'm thinking I might need one, but is it one of those things, I think I need, but really don't? If so which kind do you recommend? Pros and cons?... Read More

  1. by   ElliShay
    You might want to wait until classes start (if they haven't already, that is...). I am an educator--and we podcast all of our lectures. If your school does this, you won't necessarily need a recorder.
  2. by   crazensweet
    the smartpen is great...however is not compatible with mac yet ... but they are working on it..
  3. by   ThatPoshGirl
    I'm very happy with my smartpen. I've found that I can get two - three classes to fit in one notebook.
  4. by   CracklinRose
    How much does the paper/notebooks run for those? and when you say classes, are you referring to the whole semester or just the day's class?

  5. by   ThatPoshGirl
    I fit two of my summer classes in one notebook. I could have fit all three but my prof for gen biology gave us her slides and I decided to print those for class. I printed them on the livescribe paper and ended up using almost a whole notebook for that.

    The cost is actually surprisingly reasonable. It's $19.95 for a pack of four ($5/notebook). Each notebook has 200 pages (100 sheets). The quality is pretty good, too.
  6. by   CracklinRose
    Sounds reasonable.....and the clarity of the lecture is pretty good? I was thinking of getting the digital recorder, but just got an e-mail from 2 Prof's that they(lectures) will be available to Mp-3 .....however, I want the Macbook (waiting on fin aide in Sept) and I see above the pens are not compatible.

    I will be broke and have everything possible that "MIGHT" help me succeed by the time I am done here.>>>LOL
  7. by   mommy2three2
    Quote from CracklinRose
    Mommy, can you give a little more detail on which digital you have? I would certainly appreciate it.....I go the ok to record my classes and would to be able to transfer them my Mac.
    The one I have says on the front "Digital Voice Recorder DS-2"
    I purchased it about 3 yrs ago from Best Buy. It has leather case that covers it when it is recording. I have no problems with sound, it has always been crystal clear. If I remember correctly, I think it was about $140 or so when I purchased it. I love it.
  8. by   ThatPoshGirl
    I want the Macbook (waiting on fin aide in Sept) and I see above the pens are not compatible.
    Geez, my entire finaid package is only about $300 more than what the cheapest one of those costs. Having a high EFC really bites. I'd really like to get a UMPC before my nursing classes start, though.


    Here is one of my gen biology lectures:

    It's not compatible with a Mac, but that may not matter. It depends on how you want to use it. I never really bother with the digital files personally. I just read through my notes and tap on there when I want to rehear part of a lecture. I only plug it into my computer to charge it. And there is a travel charger you can get, so you don't even need to do that.

    If you want to be able to read and listen to your notes on your computer, then you would need to use it with a PC. The other thing you would want a PC for is so that you can archive notebooks. The reason you want to be able to do that is because you can only use a notebook of a particular number and color one at a time. Like if you were using a series 1 red notebook you couldn't use another series 1 red notebook at the same time (but you could use a blue notebook, black, etc).
  9. by   osagarese
    I got my recorder on ebay for $10 or you can also look at this is a police auction you can probably get it there for $1 or so
  10. by   seasoned hopeful
    when you get a recorder, make sure that your computer can copy it onto a CD. I spend 2 years trying to figure out how to do it and discovered that my laptop did not do that......grrrrr.

    I might have to get a new computer......:heartbeat
  11. by   in2ICU
    Digital all the way.
    You can play it on your computer while you take notes and it's easier to back up and replay that way. If there was a tricky section I would write down the min:sec and then it would be so easy to go back to that spot to study it later.