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Hi everyone. Thanks for all the previous good wishes, but I FINALLY got my letter today and I did not get in. :crying2: The 2-year ADN program I applied to here in CA had 472 applicants who... Read More

  1. by   vicky3269
    Thank you so much Nathanialandarianna! I have heard a lot of good things about Napa College, but I didn't know they had a wait list. I might as well go ahead and apply, especially since they take classes two times a year, that's rare!

    I believe I will be on Shasta College's waitlist, I'll find out in a another week or so. They built a BRAND NEW health occupations building in downtown Redding, I saw it in person a few months ago, and it should be ready to occupy for the Fall class. I love it up there, and that would be very cool to get in a program in a brand new, state of the art building!

    I am also waiting to hear about Mendocino College. Their program is relatively new, and not too impacted. Either way I would have to get a small apartment or rent a room from somebody, but its doable for us since my son is almost 20 and we can afford it. It would just be so nice to not have to be away from my husband and son during the week, but I'll do whatever it takes to become a nurse!

    Thanks so much for your post, I do agree with "whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger". I should be Wonder Woman by now! LOL

    I have already quit my job (my last day is the end of June) so I plan on taking more pre-reqs (for my BSN just in case) in the Fall, including O. Chem (ughhh) but I might as well. I think I will apply at Samuel Merritt and Cal State East Bay, as well as the local JCs (Ohlone in Fremont takes two classes per year as well!).

    Good luck to you, and keep me posted! Its always so nice to hear from the "locals"!


  2. by   Rianna1
    Hi Vicky3269, The difference b/w Napa's waitlist is that they use one master waitlist, so you eventually keep getting bumped up the list. At my local JC, CCC, they have a "waitlist" but they draw names every year, so I may never get in. You are doing the right thing by applying everywhere you can. Thanks for the tip on Ohlone in Fremont. I will definitely look into that.
  3. by   vicky3269
    No problem Nathanialandarianna. If I hear of anymore "local" CCs that take classes 2 times a year, I'll let you know. My microbiology lab partner applied to CCC this year, and a few weeks ago she went when they announced who got in and she came back all sad saying she didn't get in. I didn't know it was a "wait list" of sorts. Sounds like a funky wait list to me, if they still draw names! What kind of wait list is that? I'll probably still end up applying there though, just cause its one more pretty close to me! LOL

    Thanks and take care!


  4. by   3rdgenRN2B
    My heart goes out to you, Vicky. It's seems so unfair. There's such a shortage of nurses and doesn't seem to make sense that someone with the smarts and the passion that you have wouldn't get in. I'm afraid for myself but I wnon't know anything for another year yet. Please don't give up....
  5. by   rachelv

    Have you looked into Ohlone? They have a Jan 2008 start time so you may want to apply for that program. I think when I looked into it they take application's in October. I was going to apply this year, not looking forward to the commute but wanted to keep my options open but I got accepted at Samuel Merritt the day of my required advising appointment. I think by 2008 they may be in thier new newark location?

    SM also have a 2+ 2 program that starts in Jan 2008, you may want to check them out too. It is very pricey, but I have heard very good things from those that are in the program and if you can get in somewhere Jan 2008 you will be working as an RN that much sooner! With your great GPA, you would have a great chance getting into SM 2+2 program. Not sure what pre- req you would need, some are a bit different than a traditional BSN program. Check out the website. They do accept 20 people from their non- feeder schools and may have more spots if the individual's from the feeder schools do not have a high enough GPA (3.0), which I have heard is happening! Just thought I would throw some other ideas out there. If you want any more info, fill free to email me.

    I also was not chosen for the lottery at Chabot and was shocked since I too am in the district! So do not be too hard on yourself, it's natural to think positive. And I have had a few friends that did not get in their first shot (this was before they started doing the first pool, w/i district only) and are now RNs so do not give up... It will happen.... and who knows what is in store for you now! Maybe something you never thought of and maybe a BSN is the right place for you- Good luck!

    Had to chime in since I'm so close in proximity to you!!!
  6. by   vicky3269
    Thanks Rachelv! I already plan on applying to Ohlone's program this fall for Spring 08! Congrats on getting into SM! I will most likely apply there as well next year, as I do need a couple more semester's worth of pre-reqs for SM.

    Where abouts in the Bay Area are you? Nice to hear from another "local"!


    Vicky :spin:
  7. by   rachelv
    I'm also in CV! I know of all places people can be from it's cool to hear people talk about the area. As soon as you gave the #s I knew I had missed the same lottery as you had, I was thinking that Chabot was going to be my first choice- just on price alone and then while waiting for the letters to come in SM became my first choice! I figured the money was worht the great education, would be a faster program to RN (about 15 months get RN part Dec 2008) and then could continue on to a masters. Which I guess turned out to be a good thing. Going into the whole process I thought I would get into Chaobt and SM would have been the long shot- so it just goes to show you you never know.

    If you have any SM questions or what program to apply to let me know. I am in the ELMSN- case management track starting for fall 2007. But I also have friends in the ABSN and 2+2. I've also taken several of my pre- reqs online, which has helped b/c I have two kids. Not sure if you have a bs or ba in something else? If not then the 2+ 2 is the one you would go with .

    Good luck,
  8. by   ann945n
    I had 3 years worth of rejection letters till I finally was accepted. I kept all the rejection letters as motivation to keep on my path. Hard work always pays off, just not at the exact moment you thought it would, keep your head up!
  9. by   BeachPrincess
    Vicky I share your pain as well. I too got a rejection letter recently. I do not want to quit, but my heart is heavy so I plan on taking this summer to think about what I am going to do. Good luck to you.
  10. by   VIXEN007
    Do not give up! This is just one hurdle/obstacle. There has to be another way. Get out a piece of paper and write down all of your options. Some schools may let you take course while waiting for the program. There may be a hospital based program or accelerated program. I was faced with many hurdles and obstacles. They are not over yet. I am not going to give up and you should not either. Think positive thoughts and look for a way. Did you contact the rejection people and ask what you could do to improve your chances next time? Also, make sure you are on their list of alternates.
  11. by   Rianna1
    Hi Shampagne007, I feel your frustration too. I didnt' get in to the second place I applied to and just found out this weekend. It was a bummer, but I will keep trying. I figure if it takes me ten applications, then so be it. Keep applying to places and you will get in.
  12. by   vicky3269
    Shampagne007 and Nathanielandarianna,

    Sorry to both of you for getting an annoying rejection letter lately! Keep your chins up! Thanks for posting to me, and take everyone else's advice and keep going!

    We will all be nurses one day!!! :spin:

  13. by   weezledawg
    I just graduated from Mendocino College. They actually use a different method of acceptance into their program, one that gives credit for those with higher GPAs and also reduces attrition. Google online for the Chancellor's formula and you will see what I mean. They take your overall GPA, factor it with your science GPA (Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology) and also your English 200 (or equivalent) grades. Points are reduced for retaking the sciences.

    I can tell you from experience that there is nothing finer than attending class with other well-performing students. Here's to 100% graduation rates!