Did I already mess up chances for getting into an ABSN in cali?

  1. Hi. I'm about to finish my first quarter of college and I feel like I have already messed up my chance of getting into an ABSN. My predicted gpa for the quarter is a 3.35. I'm going to get B- in both biology and gen chem and As in econ and sociology. I know to be competitive to get into an ABSN in cali, my prereq gpa has to be around 3.7-3.8 minimum. I feel like I already messed up by getting a B- in genchem. I just had a hard time adjusting my study habits from high school to college, but I know I can do way better for the following quarters. Do i still have a chance?
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  3. by   araew2129
    Are you planning to get a bachelor's in something besides nursing?
  4. by   mforever123
    Yes I am planning to get a bachelor's in biology and then apply to absn schools in California
  5. by   araew2129
    I think you will be fine. Just keep going and make sure you are gaining proper study habits and getting better grades from here on out. You can retake something later if you need to. But for the programs I am applying to gen bio is not a prerequisite for the program (but was a prerequisite for a&p) and so it doesn't even count for my prereq GPA. And you will likely have enough classes going forward to bring up your overall GPA.
  6. by   verene
    Why don't you just apply to regular nursing programs? What is the point of spending time and money getting a degree in something else first?

    As for GPA a 3.3 isn't horrible and it is only one quarter, assuming you are getting a full 4-year non-nursing degree you have lots of time and credits to raise your grades into the range you want.
  7. by   mforever123
    I initally was planning to go pre-med so I committed to a school without a nursing program. But I decided to go for nursing instead.

    And Thank you!
  8. by   Tajin
    You need a minimum of 3.0 to apply for most ABSN programs in California. Your 3.3 GPA is actually the average for most of the accepted students for private schools so you'll be fine. You just need to do really well in your prerequisites, score in the 99% percentile on the TEAS, and get some healthcare experience if you want to apply for competitive ABSNs like CSULA.
  9. by   Regina_Phalange
    Which school were you planning on attending? Some schools have a 3.5 average for their admitted students, whereas where I am in Sacramento, I think last year the average for Sac State was 3.9. If you are planning on one of the schools with the lower GPA requirement it shouldn't be a problem at all to get your GPA up with your upcoming classes.
  10. by   mforever123
    I was planning on applying to samuel merritt, csuf, csula, san marcos, and maybe one or two others.