Day v. Night Classes....

  1. I work full time during the day so my only option is to take night classes. As I was sitting in Chemistry last night which is 3 hours of lecture, I was wondering if I should try and find a job that would allow me to take day classes because trying to comprehend all that material in one night is hard. I literally go back and just read my chapters and teach myself because its hard to grasp it all. To those of you who have taken both would you say it's easier to do the shorter day classes 2 or 3 times a week as opposed to the one longer class at night?
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  3. by   hopefulRN'17
    If you can afford to do that, than I would. I am in the same boat. Work full time and have always taken night classes. I feel that they are definitely harder to comprehend than day. Good luck! =)
  4. by   Saysfaa
    I used to avoid night classes for the same reason you don't like them; I even deliberately restricted myself to classes that met as often as possible.

    I don't anymore. I discovered my problem with the longer, less often classes is that I tended to treat a session as a session regardless of how long/often it met. Once I realized I needed to appy the "two hour study per hour lecture" rather than two hours of study per session I came to prefere the longer/less often method because I save a lot of time getting to and from class and settling in.

    Oh, and that I needed to crack open the books several times during the week instead of just the night before class or the morning before class or the Sunday before class... because I do better with several small chunks rather than fewer marathon chunks. And that it was more important to read the chapter before class.

    No fingers or implications at anyone, that is just what happened with me.

    Edit to add... however, I still prefer classes that meet in the morning if they are hard classes because I'm a morning person, I do better that way regardless of the lenght of the class.
  5. by   7237dallas
    I think I need to play catch up and try to be ahead of the game next week. It's hard bc I'm constantly trying to just understand what we're working on at the moment and if I jump ahead I don't want to confuse myself. lol My plan for A&P is to read ahead and be more organized from the beginning and get a planner and actually plan out study time each night, even if its just an hour, so I'll be able to put more time into it during the week. It's hard trying to learn to be organized! lol