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  1. Hi. I just stumbled across this site and i'm sure it'll be a great resouce for me. I'm sure this is posted somewhere (probably a thousand times) but i'm a bit overwhelemed. I graduated high school in june '06. but haven't started college yet. I'm thinking of becoming a nurse practioner but i have no clue how to go about it. Can anyone layout a step-by-step route that i would best go about it? Thanks and if its any help i'm located in NYC.
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  3. by   elby812
    I would start with just the basics. Go to your local community college and talk with a counslor there. They can be a great resource. I would get signed up to take some of your prereqs (math, english, etc...). After a semester or two you will feel more comfortable with the college thing and then can start planning out how to attain your goals.
    Good luck.
  4. by   neneRN
    Lots of ways to go about it, depending on whether you can go to school full time, need to work, etc. And probably will find varying opinions on which way is best. NP is a master's degree. I think anyone going for NP should work as an RN for several years first; I know many will disagree, and that's been debated over on this board...but that's my opinion for whatever its worth.

    I went the ADN route, graduated six years ago and am now in an RN to MSN program...if I had to do it over, I would have gotten the BSN first and then could have went right into master's program when ready. But I had small children/am a single mom, and wanted to get a degree and start working.
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