COMPASS anyone?

  1. Did anyone here have to take a COMPASS math placement test? I went to school today to register and I was informed that I needed to take the math placement test to make sure I could handle college level math, even though I had good math grades in high school and a decent math score on my SAT. Fortunately I had been doing some tutorials to practice for Calculus, otherwise I would have been completely unprepared. Still, there was a lot of Algebra that I could have used a review on if I had known about the test in advance. I was also pressured for time since I had to be at work, so towards the end I rushed through the test. The good part is that I now know what I need to brush up on before taking Calculus! If I make the placement that is.

    Does anyone else have experience with this test?
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  3. by   Hope2Be
    hey ChayaN...I had to take the compass math as well, I prepared way ahead of time, when I called registration office I believe a semester before I intended on registering for, they warned me of the test because I had not taken math in college yet( i was transfering old credits from 1993 when i attended college)..I brushed up on algebra online before I went in and I passed it...thank goodness I had taken English courses back in '93 and didnt have to take that part of the compass test...
  4. by   sissyboo
    I took the COMPASS math. It's not very hard! I scored the equivalent as my ACT score..22. Which was acceptable to my college. Just brush up on the algebra and some trig. I dont recall much calculus being on the test...
  5. by   violingirl
    Yeah... I took it too. It's not bad at all. I just reviewed basic algebra and if you pass that section of the test it'll start giving you a little trig, etc. It's the kind where you can't go back...
  6. by   MIKelly
    I did the Compass placement tests and totally bombed the math. I didn't realize I'd have to take the test at all, so wasn't prepared for it. I did fine on the English and Reading portion but only scored 17% on the algebra. Yikes! Thank goodness my nursing school doesn't require any math courses at all. (I will say that after brushing up on my math skills I scored 94% on my Hesi entrance exam, so with a little practice or forewarning I'm not such a dunce!). My compass test didn't have anything like calculus or trig on it. Not sure if I'd done better in algebra if the test would have changed and added those type questions?
  7. by   JeanettePNP
    The Compass test is designed to give you questions only on what you know. They start off with more basic level questions and work up towards the more advanced stuff. So if you bomb the first part, you won't be given Calculus or Trig questions. I got all the way to Calc and Trig so I guess I didn't do too badly... I didn't check my results yet.
  8. by   Hope2Be
    I'd like to know which school for nursing doesnt require taking math?? sounds to good to be true!
  9. by   BucklandRN
    yes of course, the compass is definately a requirement. if you can't pass the compass i wouldn't wan't you calculating my meds!! lol nah just kid'n um yeah you have to take that and reading placement as well in some cases.
  10. by   lainith
    I took the Math COMPASS test and it was super easy... because I studied by researching online and doing all of the practice questions.