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  1. I am a working professional who have been trying to enter a nursing program that fits into my schedule. I've searched the net and it seems like excelsior is the only online/distance learning school where you can enter if you are an LPN, Respiratory Therapist or Parametic and right now I'm not one of either. Since I work full time and can't afford to quit my job. I was looking into a distance learning Respiratory Therapist program with Independence University (CCHS). That way once I complete that program I can enter Excelsior RN program. I'm so sad they don't allow medical assistants to enter the program. But here the drawback, the Respiratory program cost $20,000, requires 700 clinical hours, and you are responsible for finding your own clinical site (preceptor). Does anyone know of any other school similar to Excelsior. I've looked everywhere. I'm starting to think of just getting a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration since I already have a Bachelor degree and can't seem to find any other nursing program.
    Also, has anyone went through the Respiratory Therapist program with IU?
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  3. by   donsterRN
    Look at Chamberlain College; I believe they offer online learning.

    Also, since you already have a Bachelor's degree, you might qualify for a "fast track" or accelerated BSN program at many colleges. These programs can often be completed in a year or 18 months. Do a search through google and see how that works.
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    An accelerated BSN would be your best bet. If you don't have clinical experience, online nursing education is not a good idea.