Class of 2009 Nurses!

  1. Anyone else starting nursing school in the spring? I will be starting in March (still have to get accepted, but I know I meet the requirements for the school I want) and graduating June 2009!
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  3. by   lisabeth
    I hope to be in this class. Just as you said, I have to wait to be accepted, but Lord willing, I will be in the 2009 class.
  4. by   LiveZen
    Awesome, when do you find out?

    My application is due by December 15th, and I'm not exactly sure when I find out.
  5. by   A.F.RN
    [FONT=Fixedsys]I am hoping to be class of 2009! Application due by January 31st classes starting in August 07, graduating May 09. We are on a point system and I have 11 out of 13 possible points. Counselor said they accepted down to 8 points last year!
  6. by   LiveZen

    We do a GPA system. The highest they've set the cut-off is 3.3 and the lowest is 2.9.....word on the street (ie. advisors are saying) ours is looking like a 3.1.... I have a 3.8 right now, with no real way to lower it below a 3.3 I am pretty much in.
  7. by   Trans-am
    I got accepted and i start in January. Will graduate in 09.
  8. by   lisabeth
    I will apply in January and probably hear something by April or May.
    Quote from LiveZen
    Awesome, when do you find out?

    My application is due by December 15th, and I'm not exactly sure when I find out.
  9. by   anouk
    I got in and will start nursing school in the Spring of 2007.
  10. by   LiveZen
    trans-am and anouk...congrats!
  11. by   SummerGarden
    I start in January of 2007, but I will graduate in December of 08. So no, I am a class of '08. :spin:
  12. by   tigress_8207
    Will be sending in my application at the end of nov.Class starts in september 2007.Hopefully in will get in and be part of the graduating class of 2009.
  13. by   wannabe07
    I will be a '09 grad if I get in for the fall 2007! I apply March 1st, I am counting down to the day.The school I'm trying to get into has a GPA system for 75% of applicants and lottery for the other 25%. Counselor said if I got an A in Physio lab, which I have now, I am a shoe-in for fall! If they pass me up (I have a 4.0 in the prereqs, they better not) I don't know what I'm going to do...I'm counting on this school. I don't want to wait any longer!!!!
  14. by   LiveZen
    MBA2BRN....that's ok. Maybe you can come back with some tips for the 09 class, since you're graduating first.

    Congrats to all who have gotten accepted already, and best wishes to those who are still waiting!