Can't seem to catch a break!! Will I ever get into a program!!

  1. I have been getting all my pre-reqs, teas test, application etc in order to apply to a nursing program and I was reviewing my documents and now find out that I have to have 3 Hep B shots in addition to seropositivity determination. This process is a 6-8 month process. The application period for the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 programs are April 15th and July 20th. Which means, there is no way I will have the complete shot panel done, moving my potential start date to no earlier than Fall 2014! I have been waiting so long to finally get to apply and accepted or on my way for the last 5 years and now to find out that I may have to wait another 1.5 years to even apply which will be the Fall 2014 or Spring 2015! Ugh!!! Any suggestions? Does anyone know if the schools will allow you to be complete with 2 out of the 3 shots? I am so frustrated! It seems that everywhere I turn, there is another complication standing in my way of being coming a nurse. I am no spring chicken and do not have the luxury of waiting around to start another career. I was laid off in October, so now is the time to figure this out. I took the TEAS today and got 78.7. So bummed that I missed another 5 points on the points system that I needed by 1.3% (one question) and the same went for my science grade. I missed another 5 points by .08 of a point I feel like this is not with the stress!
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  3. by   LifeIsGood76
    I feel your pain. It seems like there is always one obstacle after another. I would talk to your school. Maybe if you start the Hep B shots and have a doctor's note saying you have appointments set up for the remaining shots, your school might let you apply. Will you be finished with the shots by the time the actual program starts? That might make a difference also. If you will be done with the shots by then, make sure you let your school know that. I hope it all works out for you!
  4. by   donk
    I'm in Canada but our hep b is done through 3 shots (twinrix) and as long as we have our first 2 my school was ok with it. I fast tracked my first 2 shots, one and then second a week later and now I'm waiting the 6 or 8 months to get the third shot. I would call and ask someone but I know a lot of the people in my program have 2 shots and appointments for the third.
  5. by   larma
    I hear you. I have been accepted to a nursing program, I was all set to quit my job in June...then I just received the medical records requirement and the Hep B requirement that I am supposed to have completed before our orientation in late May or early June! How on earth am I supposed to complete that series before orientation if they didn't send me the requirements until this past Monday!?

    I have emailed the director of the program, letting her know I have my appt to start the series on Monday and will complete all other pending vacs prior...but the Hep B is just not going to be done by orientation! The school states if you don't have that stuff by orientation you can't schedule classes! So frustrating.
  6. by   hudabelle
    Most of the schools here require the series to be done by the time you start the nursing school itself. So long as you are getting them done you can still apply, even before they're finished. Check with the schools, most likely it will be ok so long as they're done before clinicals start.
  7. by   long2beanurse
    Not grossmont. Confirmed I have to have them completed prior to applying. What a mess!! Each shot is expensive as an adult. Not covered by insurance.
  8. by   babygyrl9706
    Hello, I had the same concerns, but some places does an accelerated shot series for hep 3 shots, which consists of 4 months. Explain to the clinic that you need the shots prior to starting clinics, and maybe they can help out. Also, do you have shot records from childhood immunizations, perhaps you can use them, or get titers to make sure you're immune to the virus. Good luck!
  9. by   Jujubees
    Are you applying to all of the other community colleges? I just checked on Miracosta, you don't have to do all of the health requirements until before you start the program. You should check the other schools too. Don't get discouraged! It'll be ok! Apply to all of the schools you can. I was thinking that I could also apply to an lvn program as a back up plan. Haven't looked into how much quicker (or longer) it would be than waiting around to apply to the rn schools all over again but it sure as shucks would be a lot less frustrating! Palomar has a one year long lvn to rn program if i remember correctly, if not was some other community college around here.
  10. by   Tyler626
    My school lets us still apply. We just have to have all of our shots done by the time we have our 1st clinical (which is our second semester).