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I never know how to really start a thread, as replying it so much easier... Except as of late I sorta found myself in a predicament and realized that maybe someone's been in my situation (or... Read More

  1. by   xInspiredx
    CC's are cheap and almost anyone can enroll. With so many people aiming for jobs in the allied health these days, the competition for the limited seats will only get tougher.

    One tip that I can offer is to e-mail the professor. Let's say that the class is closed, and that there are no waitlist seats available either. E-mail the professor, and explain to him/her that you have been checking the open classes list every day for an available seat, and really need the class for your program. You basically want to show persistence, and that you really, really need this course. I don't mean to say that you should beg for a seat, but just show that it's an important course for you to take. I know that there are plenty of more students in the same situation, but if the professor knows that you're really interested in the course, then you MAY get an advantage at the beginning of the course (i.e. getting an add card).
  2. by   Peny
    I know what you mean, I called around to every school imaginable when I was searching. I have heard some crazy horror stories from some of my friends where they had to go to 3 to 5 different schools. If only the people creating all these programs could work together and put themselves in our shoes for a moment, then I think they might consider changing the system! I finally decided on Unitek College in Fremont Ca, because they offer the pre req's online for the lvn to rn. There was no way I was about to go all over the place trying to get pre req's, hoping I would be completed in enough time. To much stress and time.

    After reading over all the posts, I think there is a lot of great advice here for you especially by willowita. If you took the advice of showing up to class on the first day that would really get you in the door and your instructor might like the drive you have. Hang in there. E-Mailing the professor would be good to, that way you can get in front of him, shows them just how much you want to be in his class.
  3. by   mintygirl
    I'm still around and still stuck in the same situation - fortunately for me the job I was working told me that their sons/daughters had the exact same problem. Rather they took them out of the cc's and just put them in private. Its probably what I'll be forced to do but you know... It's INSANE - it really is - unless you apply to college directly out of highschool {Lucky you!} and attend while knowing what you want to do asap, registration date is going to suck.

    You'd think that with such a high-demand and need for these classes, they'd open up extra courses for at least once a year or something. I am so sick of hearing about budget cuts, etc.

    Anyways, yes I plan to really try the start of this year ( since I'm half-way through Fall-semester currently ) to really try and get my science classes out of the way or seeing what a private college can offer me. I'm done wasting all this time, I just want to be working already.
  4. by   zoe92
    This makes me mad! I had to change community colleges in Maryland because my local one was small. My current a&p class was hard to get into with about 13 wait listed. What is frustrating is that we have been in class for 6 weeks and already had 3 people drop but its too late for the waitlisted to join the class.
  5. by   mintygirl
    Update: Managed to get into my pre-req for lvn and chem! Still have micro, a&P but that's way too much of a workload for this semester. Just wanted to say that in case people were wondering. Thanks for all the encouraging.
  6. by   LifeIsGood76
    Hi! I am in the same exact situation! I live in Victorville (High Desert) and attend Victor Valley Community College. I have been trying to get into Anatomy for a year! The thing that sucks is that you have to do at least 24 credits of pre-reqs at their college in order to apply to the nursing program. I am hoping I am able to get into the Anatomy class in the summer! It is very stressful and frusturating. I'm glad you were able to get into your pre-req!! These California community colleges are nuts!
  7. by   E-commerce
    Quote from willowita
    Go to the first day of class, even if you're not registered, and see if the professor is willing add you. Worst case scenario is that you don't get in and you gave up an hour of your time. But you might get in, so it's worth a try.

    Second suggestion, take other pre-req and general ed courses in the mean time to rack up more credits and improve your appointment date. I'm sure there are other pre-reqs besides the big three, right? And most nursing programs encourage students to get the GE courses out of the way since there is little to no time to take them while you're in the core nursing program. If you plan on getting your BSN, you can also start taking some of those pre-reqs since there may be courses they require that are not covered for the ADN. So at least that way, you're still working towards the bigger picture.

    Last option, look for a school that is less impacted. The CC I went to had very few students but the CC only 5 miles away was so overcrowded and impossible to register at. I'm in SoCal btw. I don't know why so many people wanted to go there when my school wasn't that far away. I never had to waitlist any of my pre-reqs. So if you're willing to go to a different school, and I know it's a pain, but you might have better luck.
    I have a late registration date at Chaffey College and will see my counselor next week. I will ask her about the clubs like EOPS. Thanks! question are there benefits for going to the success center a lot? The reason i asked is because i practically lived in the success center during summer school and have a lot of hours to my name..I asked the front desk why they keep score of number of hours per student and she said for the school campus records.
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