BSBA graduate going into ADN program/Volunteer Advice

  1. I just graduated a month ago with a BS in Business Administration (Marketing emphasis) from a well-known university. Throughout my undergrad, I switched my major a few times. Halfway through I considered dropping out and going to a much cheaper community college where I can also get a more hands-on education. But, at the time I felt like that was giving up, and I wanted to finish what I started, in four years. I also hoped that by the time I graduated, I would find passion for something....

    Well, sure enough, I didn't find it. I did well though, I graduated with a magna cum laude despite my lack of interest in the program. I just feel like the business degree was too general and I didn't gain any specialized skill. Weeks leading up to and after graduation, I was very stressed out and depressed because I didn't know what I want to do. I didn't think I could get a job that I want/need with the degree and experience I had.

    My parents have always encouraged me to go into nursing. I don't know why I didn't listen to them and jumped into business... Anyway, long story short, I quickly enrolled in the pre-nursing program that was offered at a comm. college close to my parent's house. I have to do prereqs for a year and then the program is 2 years.

    I have no experience in the healthcare field, but I've been frantically calling people to set up job shadows, volunteer work, patient care, anything that might help me. It just worries me because I'm jumping into it so quickly, and I'm really hoping that I'd be good at and like nursing. I've been reading this board a lot and it's been insightful. Glad to hear people who already have BS and MS's in other fields are also going into nursing.

    Sorry for the long background. But my main questions are, would my BS in business help at all if I go for RN-ADN? Like coordinator/administrator positions? I just really hate to feel like i wasted four years and all that money to get a useless degree.... also, I have a meeting with a volunteer manager at a nearby hospital tomorrow - but volunteer work at this particular hospital will not involve direct patient care, so I won't be gaining bedside experience... will it still be worth it? Any answers/comments/advice is welcome
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  3. by   apoppyfield
    I have a previous BA in Communication and am now going into a BSN nursing program in fall. The path led you here so in that respect it is not a waste of time. Having the BSBA is not going to help you in a nursing field, but you may not have to retake some of the courses to get your BSN. Trust me, unless you like paperwork and talking to insurance companies, administrative nursing is not that much fun. Take you ADN and be happy with taking care of your patients.
  4. by   mystic2fire
    This day and age, any other type of degree / job training puts you on top the the list for hires. It's called diversity-to have not only a nursing degree, but other degrees as well. With a business degree, you could very well walk into a management position.
  5. by   happy2learn
    Your current degree could very well help you get into administration/management positions.

    As far as the volunteer experience, you should still be getting patient contact, so it will count. I'm a patient liaison in the emergency department at the most well known hospital in the area. I have to run back and forth between the patient and the family to keep the family updated. Not always a pretty situation.

    I also volunteer in the oncology ward and help patients sit up and move to a chair and help them while they eat. I also just keep the patients company during peak visiting hours when they may not have a visitor.

    It may not be "bedside nursing" but it is patient interaction and emotional care.