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Baptist Hospital Scholars Program (BARRY) - page 3

Hey Everyone, I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying for Barry Baptist on-site Scholars Program? -Jessica:heartbeat... Read More

  1. by   rivir25
    I tried calling about acceptance today but i was told they didnt know yet....
  2. by   rivir25
    Quote from jmi0886
    oh, Did you buy the book for that test? I have it, I heard a lot of stuff in that book is on the test. Its not so difficult either. I dont know if i am going to go to the transfer, I was told its not mandatory. I will definitely be at the orientation for the Nursing Program. My cpr certification just expired so I have to do it again. Where are you going to do that? I am glad I found someone in a similar situation as me!

    Where did you get your cpr certification and do you know which course specifically is it? I was told BLS with (AED) but when ive looked it up all i find is BLS alone. I'm not sure if AED is automatically included in this course and just not mentioned in the title of class. Would appreciate some clarification there since you seem to have taken in it in the past.
  3. by   jmi0886
    I think that the basic BLS includes AED automatically. I did mine originally at BCC but i have to renew it because it just expired. Your starting next August? You have a while to prepare for the test atleast. I just found out about it a month ago. Its something new they are implicating to narrow down admission requirements more.
  4. by   ProspectiveMDC
    Does the Baptist Scholars program take GPA into consideration? If so does anyone know what a guesstimated cutoff gpa? If there is such a thing? Or do they base it mainly on how one answers those questions at the interview?
  5. by   jmi0886
    i think its the interview...GPA just has to be over 3.0
  6. by   sbrodrig
    Just out of curiosity what were your pre req GPA's????
  7. by   enyalinda
    Hey, are you going to Barry for fall 2010 or did you start in 2009?
  8. by   Mari71089
    Has anyone gotten accepted into Barry's traditional option Baptist Scholars program yet? I've been waiting for a response for about 2 weeks and the suspense is killing me!
  9. by   sweetpriscy17
    Hey everyone! I just sumbitted the Baptist Scholars Program Apllication etc. I am kinda nervous! Does anyone know if they prepare you well enough at Baptist for the NECLEX? How long is the program at Baptist? Is the length of the program the same length as the program/courses taken at the NOVA, BARRY, MDC campuses? How much do they pay the new grad nurses at baptist when they complete the program with the scholarship? Has anything changed in the interview process? HELP! Thanks so much! Im a nova entry level nursing student! :spin: