Bad Prereq Grades

  1. Hi all,

    Have any of you performed "not so well" in your prereq courses? If so, what did you do, if anything, to improve your grades?

    If you chose to retake the class and received a higher grade, did that contribute positively in your acceptance into your respective nursing program?

    I am curious because I have a couple of lab grades (Biology and Chemistry)
    that I am thinking about retaking because of the C's that I received while pursuing a BA in Public Relations 2 years ago.
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  3. by   JoshuaC
    If you think that taking those classes again will give you better grades, go for it. Many nursing schools are very competitive and the more positives you have going for you the better. Grades are very important, especially in pre-req classes, because it shows determination. Nursing schools don't want to accept people with bad grades because they want a 100% graduation rate.

    I'm not saying a C is a bad grade. I have a few, even in one of my pre-req classes, but my nursing schools is different than most and my high ACT score bumped my chances back up and I got in. And if you're going to a big school then it's usually harder to get in because big schools usually don't admit huge classes (80 people in a class is pretty big). The student-teacher ratio in nursing school as to be at least 10-1, so classes are always limited. I'm going to a small private school and our nursing class is accepting 40 people, but overall the number of students at this school is low, so it's realativly easier to get in.

    Umm.. Sorry, I don't know if that last big paragraph is going to help you any, but my advice would be to retake those classes if you can, or if you have time to. I know that it's not like you can retake classes all the time, but if you're worried about it, retake them and get As. It can only help.

    Oh, and having retake credits on your transcript is not going to hurt you. Trust me, retaking a class and getting an A is much, much better than not retaking a class and keeping the C.

    Good luck.
  4. by   MaleRNstudent21
    I agree with JoshuaC. Take the courses over that are pre-reqs for your program which are C's. My school takes 60 a semester. I go to a ADN program. I think it would be wise to take them over again. If you have a enterance exam also like the NLN try to get over a 100. A ideal score would be atleast anything over 110. This also can boost your chances in getting in a program if you have 1 C on a pre-req. Wish you luck!
  5. by   JaxiaKiley
    It really depends on the program. I looked at one program that took your first grade as long as it was passing, even if you retook it and made an A. Other programs will accept the last attempt, and some schools have waiting lists where everyone who applys and meets the basic requirements gets in. Good luck!
  6. by   NaomieRN
    Joshua, if I were you, I would check the school that you are planning to apply. Some schools biology and chemistry grades does not matter. My college will accept high school chemistry and biology within the last 7 years.
  7. by   BeccaznRN
    I received a "D" for my college algebra course, which was required for my BSN program. I immediately retook the course and received an "A." I got into the nursing program the first time I applied.
  8. by   JoshuaC
    Quote from FutureNurse35
    Joshua, if I were you, I would check the school that you are planning to apply. Some schools biology and chemistry grades does not matter. My college will accept high school chemistry and biology within the last 7 years.
    Oh, I already got accepted to nursing school. I start on the 21st. The nursing school I applied to doesn't require chemistry as a pre-req, although I already have 6 credit hours worth because the school that I was going to apply at required it. No big deal though because my school only offers an ADN and after I graduate here I'm going back to get my RN-BSN, and those chemistry classes will come in handy then.

    The dean at my nursing school says she doesn't belive nurses need chemistry. For the most part I agree with her; some of the material I learned in my chemistry classes at UK wouldn't really help a nurse do their job any better. Some stuff I learned was helpful, such as nomenclature of organic compounds (basic stuff I guess), but my first chemistry class talked about electrons all semester. I can pretty much garuntee I'll never use that stuff again. Like tetrahedrals... I mean, come on!!

    But for a BSN degree I'd say chemistry is important just for a higher level of education. Sorry for people who havn't taken this as I can say this easily since I've already got it out of the way!
  9. by   NRSNFL
    I say retake them. I am, however it's because I originally took them my freshman year in college 11 years ago. Chances are if I go for a BSN or MSN, I will need more current grades. Plus, I am looking to possibly pursue CRNA and with that, my local university requires minimum B's in all science classes, but you really need an A to get in. So I'm hoping to do that preemptively. (Is that a word...I think it is).
  10. by   CarolinaGirl'99
    To be quite honest with you- I did not have the "best" grades in undergrad overall when I graduated. I only recently took A&P I and II, Micro for admission into nursing school. I did pretty well in those classes and still got in. In my program a BA degree gave me an edge. But, every program is different.
  11. by   Dublin37
    I got C's so they wouldn't allow me to retake them. Soooo....... that meant I had to wait 2 1/2 yrs to get in! Grrrrrrrrr. At least I'm finally in now. Good luck!