B in human physiology

  1. I am planning to apply to nursing school and I wanted to know my odds of getting into nursing school with a B in human physiology. I got an A in Human Anatomy last semester.

    As the semester is going right now, I think I am probably going to end up with a B in Human Physiology. I am very close to an A in the class but I really think I am going to end up with a B. I would have to get 90s in my last lecture exam and lab, so I am not getting my hopes up.

    I still have to take Microbiology next semester...
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  3. by   Nursls21
    Talk to your advisor bc there is no way for anyone to know how competitive your particular program is. In general you don't want to drop below a 3.5. Bs are fine, but don't get too many. Remember this isn't med school 4.0s aren't the only thing that get in most cases. Good luck to you!
  4. by   tonyl1234
    I got a B in A&P I, a C in A&P II. I'm in nursing school right now.

    Don't panic. Unless you're in an area where there's 500 people competing for 60 spots at the only nursing school in the area... If you pass your prereqs, and do good on any entrance exams, you'll probably be able to get into a nursing school in your area.
  5. by   sunshineee
    Thanks!!! Luckily I'm not applying in nursing schools in California! It's super competitive with 200-300 applicants but only 30 spots.
  6. by   Nursls21
    I was 2 people away from getting into nursing school. 600ish applications for 60 spots.... I made a B in AP1&2. Just do the best you possibly can. Remember that the majority of people are average, the work you put into it is what sets you apart. You will do great!
  7. by   sunshineee
    Thank you! I tried my best with a full time job it is hard to keep up with a class. I did get A in human anatomy, A in nutrition, A in development psych. Hopefully I'll get an A in micro and just have one B
  8. by   Nursls21
    How many classes have you been taking at once?
  9. by   sunshineee
    I only took 1 a semester because of my full time job
  10. by   Nursls21
    I should have done that too. Good luck to you!!!
  11. by   jaidon84
    Did you get into a private school?
  12. by   Nursls21
    Who? Me? Lol
  13. by   jaidon84
    My bad it was for Tony! im new to this site.....
  14. by   HopefullApp
    I got a B in A&P 1 and failed A&P 2. I retook A&P 2, passed with a B, and was just accepted into nursing school. One lower grade isn't necessarily the end of your chances.