ATI entrance exam???????

  1. So I will be taking my entrance exam for my local nursing school on Wed. It is the ATI version. I have bought the manuel and have been studying. Is there any advice from others that took it? Any areas to pay attention to? Hardest and easiest part of the exam? I am sooo nervous but have faith in myself.
    Wish me luck!!!!!
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  3. by   Jessy_RN
    Haven't heard of that exam.

    Keeping my fingers crossed............good luck!
  4. by   Stdy2BaNurse
    The ATI entrance exam is the TEAS. Yes, several of us on here have taken it recently. My advice is study the manual very well. Do you have the white one (older version) or blue/purplish one? If you do NOT have the white one, you need to brush up on probablity and permutations. Try this link for great lessons on those two topics:

    Other than those 2 types of problems, the math portion of the guide was very representative of the exam. The reading was pretty comparable - maybe easier even. The science was definitely easier than the practice exam, for me. Quite a few science reasoning questions; serial dilutions; trophic levels; biomass; just to name a few. Okay, the English section - the one I thought I did the best on - I did the worst! I don't understand it to be perfectly honest. On the practice exams I got 98-100 percent! So, I would spend some time brushing up on basic grammar and punctuation - find the simple subject; what is the simple know things we haven't thought about since grade school. Anyway, that and know the difference in lie/lay and whoever/whomever and who/whom. Those are the suggestions I can offer from my experience which was 10 days ago.

    I will be retaking it on Feb. 7th to try to raise my score by a few points. I did get an 84, which is right in the ballpark for my school (current class average on the teas was 83). If I can bring it up by one or two, I have to try

    Hope this helps!! Good Luck and let us know how it goes - you can pm me if you would like some more info...

  5. by   momx4
    Thanks for that info. I have the newer purple book. Thanks for the link also.
  6. by   ChristineN
    Momx4, are you taking it to get into St. Margaret's? I'm waiting to take it there
  7. by   momx4
    No I am taking it at Ohio Valley General Hospital.
    Good luck on yours!!!!!!!