Associates & Bachelors....Advise Please

  1. OK, I am wondering what most of you would do if you were put into the situation that I am in right now.

    This fall I will start with the prereqs for nursing for the ADN program. This college picks 80 students a year out of 140 (I believe) for their nursing program. In the area I have 3 other schools to apply to so in all I will be able to apply to 4 nursing programs or so I thought! Yesterday, after doing some research I found 2 out of these 4 schools do not offer the Associates Degree, but only Bachelor's. So that only leaves me with two schools to apply to, the one I am at now and a technical College. At this point the technical College will be probably not even work because their waiting list is a mile long. If I am able to apply in 2011, their waiting list will be around 2013 or later. On the other hand if I did go for my bachelor's I would have 4 nursing schools to apply to plus if you count the technical college that is 5 colleges total.

    I have no idea what to do. I really wanted my ADN and with 4 kids I can only go part-time. If I go part-time for the ADN I will be able to apply in 2011, but if I go part-time for my Bachelor's it will be even longer. So what would you do....carry on and get the ADN and hope I get in right away or go for the Bachelor's?
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  3. by   RADIATION_RN
    I would go with the ADN. I dont know which state you are in but here in south Texas, no hospitals pay nurses more for a BSN than ADN. If I were you, I would get the RN, start working, then slowly progress to a BSN if you still feel the need to. I am doing pre-reqs for an ADN program here in Austin and it is pretty competitive, but not nearly as competitive as the BSN program at UT Austin.
  4. by   mhayley
    Go for the ADN, once you start working as an RN you can complete your BSN online
  5. by   momin96,98,99
    I also wanted to go for my ADN, but after waiting 2 years to get into the program (pure lottery), I took the classes to apply for my local BSN while waiting to apply. Here I am after 4 years of applying to that ADN program and I did not get in again, but I got in my first time applying for the BSN program. So I am not waiting any longer. But I think I will keep applying to that ADN program just to see how long it takes to get in!!

    Don't limit yourself to just a few schools, apply where you can, keep taking classes towards your BS, things always seem to work out for some reason. For me I had 4 more years as a stay at home mom.

    Talk to the local hospitals or where you would like to work, see what they prefer, in my area I have been told a BSN is preferred over ADN, even though the pay is the same.
  6. by   us3Rbent
    I would apply to all if you have all the pre-reqs met and make my decision after acceptance. I'm in the same boat as you are.
  7. by   ♥MyTimeWillCome♥
    Look at the bright side - 80 out of 140 are GREAT odds. Here it's 30 out of 500+ applicants at each of the 3 schools.