1. can you apply to more than one school for the nursing program?
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  4. by   Mzshaqui
    Iwas just thining aboutthe same thing. i am new to this stuff, considering i am in achange of careers( Used to be a Correctional Officer). I wanted to know do you apply for the Rn Schools after you take that test that you have to take.. and is that test the same for all Rn's?
  5. by   donsterRN
    I'm thinking that it's a good idea to do exactly that: apply to as many programs as you can. If you're in an area that has waiting lists, then being accepted to several places at once might get you started earlier.

    For Mzshaqui: I'm not sure what test you're referring to. Different programs have different criteria for admission. Some require that you take and pass the NET, but my program administered it during orientation week, after we were already accepted. The best thing to do (IMO) is to contact as many schools in your area for information about the admissions criteria and process. It's never too early to start preparations for your career.

    Good luck to you both!