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  1. by   mkeep74
    Also, forgot to mention this, but at least half the time your so much into data collection and what this smell of poo or pee can tell you about your pt's condition that, you may notice the smell, but your mind is more busy on the technical aspect of things and you're able to focus more on that than the smell.
  2. by   cybernurse81
    this post made me smile, im not really squeamish, only when it comes to dentures. taking them out, touching them or cleaning a patients dentures freaks me out, i have always had this kind of phobia, but still put myself through it on a daily basis at work. I am also squeamish when it comes to eye surgery, as a student nurse i attended surgery with an opthalmic surgeon, he began poking around the patients eye area, and taking swabs from behind the patients eyes, it was gross, and before i knew it i was sat in an office drinking some sweet tea. Im english, but i hate tea! i don't remember anything else, the doctor said i went white and then felll to the floor! needless to say i don't work in that department now. lol
  3. by   aerorunner80

    I have things that make me queasy too but it's not what I expected. I expected vomit and feces to make me gag but what really gets me is urine, especially when it is highly concentrated! I don't know why but it will make me gag almost every time! Vomit or the sounds that go along with it don't bother me and for the most part feces don't bother me (unless they have c-diff!!! then I'm toast).

    In the grand scheme of things though, they don't really matter. What matters is your patient as a whole and soon enough these things really do become secondary. When I go in to take care of a pt, my main concern is their safety and comfort and as soon as I finish a "yucky" task, I'm over it and talking to my pt like nothing is wrong because it is all about them. Nursing is so great. I love it. BTW, I'm a CNA working on my BSN.