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I am hoping to be accepted to an accelerated nursing program in either Fall 2016 or January 2017 (the nursing program has three start times per year). I have about six classes of pre-reqs that... Read More

  1. by   JILY74
    Hi mommy2sjb,

    Im thinking of taking Chemistry through Portage - its my last pre-req. Would you recommend this course? Are the tests timed?

    Thank you!
  2. by   Rionoir
    I'd check with your school. It looks like they are only regionally accredited.
  3. by   lrt93
    I'm re-visiting an old thread here but am highly considering taking all my pre-reqs through portage. I was wondering how you typically ran through the A&P courses with modules and how often you completed exams. Ideally, I would like to complete both classes in a 5 week span as you did. I would be solely dedicating my time to these classes while not working.
  4. by   aday

    You may want to first check with the schools you're applying to to make sure they'll accept the credits. I took all of my pre-reqs through Portage and it worked out pretty well. The downside is that there are times I questioned the quality of the education because there were some spelling and grammatical errors, but you definitely learn enough of the basics. I don't know how well it's prepared me for Nursing School since I don't start until September. There are times where I'd have to look online for extra content and youtube to get better understanding.

    As for timing of the course - if I recall correctly, both A&P I and II had 6 modules each and some are longer than others, but I completed each course in 6-7 weeks. You get to pace yourself based on your comfort level. There's an exam for each of the modules, and then a final. The instructors are pretty responsive also! Questions via email, and most, if not all, review and correct your exams within 1-2 days. There's also a student line you can call if you have questions.

  5. by   Lee1230
    this is really helpful

    were the exams multiple choice? thanks1
  6. by   Lee1230
    Are all of the exams through Portage multiple choice or True False? Thanks! (Asking for A&P1)
  7. by   Reporter2Nurse
    My accelerated second Bachelor degree nursing program recommended portage learning for the outstanding prerequisites I needed to start my program. I took Developmental Psychology, and Statistics. Both of these courses have 10 modules to complete.

    Both courses were very different from each other. I have a strong background in psychology, and I have taken many different psy classes, but never this one. I worked on one module a day, and I was able to complete the course in 14 days. I took a ton of notes and reviewed the information daily. I am a (former) journalist and investigative reporter, so, my final paper was breeze since I am a strong writer. I would say this class can be completed in a month no problems.

    As for statistics... it is a lot of work. I was able to complete my class in four weeks, but I worked on it for 8-10 hours a day every. single. day. It was rough. Statistics, for me, is rather easy and I felt it made the most sense. I have a strong math background too which included calculus classes. I was able to grasp the concepts and formulas very quickly, but my progress slowed down from module 4 through 7. These modules took me about 3-4 (long) days to complete each one. I would say if you are working or taking other classes you should allow two months to complete this course, and if you struggle with math then allow a little more time. The class is extremely helpful and relates to real life. If you ever plan on doing more with your degree try to take it all in because you will need it later on for your nursing research papers in a BSN program.

    I have heard a lot of universities will take the science courses as long as you take them in a sequence at the same school ( i.e. anatomy 1, and anatomy 2) I would make sure you check with your registers office and ask is they accept transfer credit from Geneva College (Middle colleges and schools (regional) accreditation- Home - Middle States Commission on Higher Education )

    I'm not sure if it is possible to complete a science course in less time than you would a stats course, but you could also look in to University of Phoenix A&P since that is 7 weeks. It's rigorous, but you will learn so much.

    Good luck to all!
  8. by   Reporter2Nurse
    Quote from Lee1230
    Are all of the exams through Portage multiple choice or True False? Thanks! (Asking for A&P1)
    No they are not. most are writing up answers in your own words to describe something. You might get an occasional T/F question, but those are very few and far between. You will need to write out what you know and demonstrate you have a solid understanding. You will find a lot of fill-in-the-blank questions. It's not easy that's for sure, and I would say it's a little harder than your typical college classes, but you are trading this for the convenience of being able to take a class online and at your own pace.

    Everyone should know that online classes are ALWAYS harder than a seated class. More work. I'll take a seated class over an online class because I'd rather do half the work and listen to someone versus having to teach myself.

    I had a 3.9 out of a 4.0 from a state university (133 credits in undergrad), until I took portage classes. Both portage classes I got a B. Just because they are online does not make them easy.