Anyone get into the Golden West nursing program for fall 2009

  1. I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything from Golden West Nursing Program for fall 2009. I am waiting impatiently and I just want to know.

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  3. by   Apgar10
    I just got a letter on Friday that they've processed my paperwork and will send out acceptance or denial letters at the end of May. I don't know why it took them so long to do this when we applied months ago. Cerritos did theirs in a couple of weeks.
  4. by   Tinaweber17
    Ya I Just recieved my letter stating the same thing... Grr.. the wait is killing me! I didn;t get accepted to cerritos college so I am hoping that I get accepted here instead.
  5. by   Apgar10
    I'm glad I got in somewhere, but would rather go to GWC or Saddleback because they are so much closer to me (and have newer facilities and classrooms). Here's to our good luck!!
  6. by   Future-nurse
    I got pretty annoyed with GWC when they sent me the letter in the mail.

    Here I am dying for a reply to see if I got in or not... I finally work up the courage to open the letter and I see "Your pre-reqs are ok, we will send you another letter soon to let you know if you are accepted"

    SSMDFjslfmlasdfmaoesrjl;mxlfmdsalfmaslmfsx... sigh. WHY send me anything besides a acceptance/rejection letter?

    Its like the people at these college's know that our hearts are aching trying to find out where we are headed and so they send us little gag gifts of "summer registration letters" which get my heart racing.

    Oh well I guess I'll find out soon at the end of May.
  7. by   CalGal98
    I know they have to send out two letters so that if someone isn't qualified they can appeal. A few schools do that. Plus, there's only like two or three people that process all the apps - I heard there was something like 725+ this semester.
  8. by   KR11
    Ok so I got a letter that said I am scheduled to take the TEAS on Monday June 8th...It doesn't say anything about being accepted, denied or on the alternate list. Did anyone else get this letter? I know last semester I just got a rejection letter...I called the office and the lady didn't really clear things up for me. Let me know! Thanks!
  9. by   Apgar10
    When did you get the letter KR11?
  10. by   CalGal98
    really - the letter didn't say you were offered a space in the Fall class? I'm sure that means you're going to be in the program as long as you pass the TEAS test! They only TEAS test the selected class and the first dozen alternates or so.
  11. by   KR11
    I got the letter yesterday. What I got from the lady I called was that over 700 people applied and that they pick 62 for the program and 62 for the alternate list. She said that they don't make the decision of whose in until after the TEAS but who knows! I'm not getting excited yet... I'm actually more nervous!
  12. by   Apgar10
    What's the TEAS requirement there? I took it for Cerritos already where theirs is 67% (I was in the 80s and already forgot!).

    Now I have a stomach ache waiting for the mail.... congrats on getting to the next level, KR11!
  13. by   CalGal98
    All the community colleges are a 67%. the CSU's are way higher because they can be more selective.
  14. by   Apgar10
    Really? I swear I saw something from another SoCal CC for a 70s % passing rate. At any rate, I'm glad I have one less thing to stress out about since waiting is ENOUGH! Ugh.