Anyone attending Suffolk Community College

  1. I am taking my pre-reqs there and hope to gain admittance to the nursing program in Fall 08

    Good luck to all as we embark on our journey
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  3. by   Roxy625
    Hi, i live in long island and i just found out about the school, can you give me some info regarding the nursing program i just earn my assoc from nassau but not qualify for the program. i will also be starting in laguardia community college for the preqts but the distance and the parking is extremely hectic. is it to late to apply for suffolk by now?
  4. by   Mom2J&B
    If there are any open classes you may still be able to get in to do your pre-reqs, they have 2 campuses, Ammerman in Selden and Grant in Brentwood.
  5. by   Hope2Be
    I have a friend who went there and graduated ,LPN, she is now an RN going for her BSN at a 4 year college....I remember when she attended saying it was very competitive, (as it would be anywhere else)...dont recall any negative comments about the school tho...she's very happy being a nurse.
    Ammerman and Selden campuses are waayyyy out east on LI,..Roxy625, brentwood campus would be closest to you...I think exit 55-56 in the LIE
  6. by   Ebony06
    I thought the professors at Suffolk Community College were more difficult than at Nassau Community College. It is very easy to maintain a good GPA at Nassau Community College. My GPA is 3.42. I applied to the R.N program with all of the required courses. I hope I get accepted into the R.N. program. My letter will come at the end of April. I was accepted into the Respiratory Therapist program for the fall of 2007, which has a 30 seat maximum.