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Just wondering - anyone out there applying for admission to Nursing Program through Dallas County Community College District for Fall '06 (or even Spring '07) admission? I am in the process - can... Read More

  1. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I took my application up to El Centro today.

    Where's all the Fall '06 applicants for North Lake and/or El Centro??????????
  2. by   DreamBelieveSucceed
    Hey Fun!! Sorry I fell off the web and haven't been around lately!!

    Congrats on your "A" in Algebra!! I have no doubt you will get in for Fall 06. I just hope I get to see you there! All I have left to do for application is CPR and that is next week for me! But, this semester I must make "A"s in my A&P II and Micro - which I know I will because I will kill myself studying and working to see that I do!!

    ABOUT THE NET TEST: When are you looking to apply? I ask that because the NET test scores are only valid for a certain period of time (I think!) Anyway, the math portion is fairly easy - especially if you study the study guide. The reading portion - I don't know if it even helps to study for that! I think I could have done just as well to have gone in and not have studied for that.

    ANYONE ELSE IN DCCCD who is looking to apply soon??????
  3. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Welcome back!

    You're finished with all of your pre-reqs? What is your GPA on them? I'm thinking you said a 4.0, right? I think we've all discussed this before, but I don't remember. lol Is Micro & A&P II your last two support courses?

    Thanks about the Algebra. I made an 88 (I think) on my final, and B's on my 5th and 5th tests, but squeezed by with a 93 for the semester.... Whew....I almost blew it, but a 93 is an A, and I'll take it....TYVM! :hatparty:

    *I believe the NET scores are good for 2 years, and you can retest once, if needed, within a 12 month period.
  4. by   DreamBelieveSucceed
    [quote=Fun2Care]Welcome back!

    You're finished with all of your pre-reqs? What is your GPA on them? I'm thinking you said a 4.0, right? I think we've all discussed this before, but I don't remember. lol Is Micro & A&P II your last two support courses?

    Micro & A&P II are my last two classes - well, crazy me, I keep saying that, but I am taking my "elective" this summer if I get accepted. If I'm not accepted for fall then I will either still take Humanities online in the summer or I may take Spanish in the Fall. I would like to learn Spanish and think that would help me in my nursing career. Humanities would be easier to take online with my kids at home this summer as opposed to taking Spanish and having to attend a lab (not sure if it is offered online in summer).

    I do have a 4.0 on everything so far, but because of my 8-hour load this semester, I only have 6 hours of support classes on my transcript. Then, of course, I'll still need the other 3 hours of the elective. At the info meeting I attended in December, Pam (? last name) from El Centro said the tie breaker for this Spring class went to 9 hours of support classes with a 4.0 and even then they had to turn some away. But each application period is different - but nowdays everybody know that you MUST HAVE a 4.0 or you won't make it. Chances are I'll have to wait until Spring 07 - if that's the case I trust God to know what is best!!
  5. by   Purdue725
    I am out here in the NJ/NYC area and I am looking to apply at DCCCD and UTA for next year. MY boyfriend lives out in Dallas and I am wanting to move down there to be with him and to attend school. We are hoping to get married before I enroll myself into the school.

    I already have BS from Purdue and have finished taking my pre-reqs but now I have to take the NET and HESI. I dont understand is why we have to take so many different exams to get into the school? There is NET, HESI, NLN and whole bunch of entrance exams. Also at El Centro, they want me to take the NET at El Centro which is silly. So I am not sure how I will be able to do that because I live out here and work here full time. My work wont give me time off to go take the test there. As far as Brookhaven and NL, they seem like they have good programs but very limited space. I might just end up going to UTA.

    Any suggestions?
  6. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    North Lake *is* El Centro's program, it's not separate. (For Spring '06, 50 applicants were accepted at each school.) If you graduate from North Lake's Nursing program or El Centro's, you actually are earning your degree from El Centro.

    Brookhaven has its own program now. It used to be the satellite school for El Centro.

    As far as UTA....that's where I plan on getting my BSN. I have a scholarship for the ADN, so that's the route I'm taking.

    After this semester, I'll only have statistics to take for the bridge pre-reqs.

    UTA is a good school too, but I would try to get in wherever you can! Good luck!!
  7. by   Purdue725
    Fun2care: thank you so much for the information! now will NET cover for NL, El Centro and Brookhaven as well? Or would I have to take the NLN and TEAS and HESI??? Isnt this ridiculous...I feel that I have to take all those tests to get into several schools. I wish they could just standardize it and have only one test that is accepted in all nursing schools, such as GMAT for B School, GRE for Grad school, MCAT for med school and LSAT for Law school...I wouldnt mind going to UTA but that would cost a lot of money. The more research I do, the more I realize that its best to do ADN cause I have a BS already but then again, there are crazy waiting lists out there..

    I wonder when will I become a nurse....its frustrating! Do you get that way too?

    BTW, congrats on your scholarship! Good job you must be so excited...and i think you are taking the right route
  8. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    The NET taken at ECC is for NLC or ECC, in fact it's the same appliction. You indicate your first choice, second choice or only choice between the two schools.

    I put NLC as my first choice & went ahead and put ECC as my second choice. Even though I'd rather put NLC as my only choice, I know chances of getting in are better when you let them know you will take a seat at either place.

    Brookhaven requires the HESI, I believe. They are totally separate now, and have their own way of doing things. They have different pre-reqs/classes, a different entrance test, and they also have an interview stage.

    If you graduate from Brookhaven, your degree is from Brookhaven, and as I posted before, if you graduate from El Centro or NLC, you degree is from El Centro.