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  1. Hi guys, my name is Micaela. I've just joined the forum and have many questions, so I apologise in advance! I'm a 36 year old italian, living in Italy and I desperately want to study in the states to become an RN. I've had a look a quite a few colleges offering an Associates degree in nursing in Florida and am really not sure if I have the mental ability to pass the course! I finished the Italian equivalent of high school 20 years ago with pretty average grades and am really scared that I may not even get through the pre req's! Does anyone know how hard the academic side of an AS nursing degree is. Can I get through it with hard work or is it really impossible to anyone with below average grades? Also can you have lower scores to try to get onto an LPN course first and then upon completion tansfer onto the ASN - is this an easier route? If anyone could offer advice and calm me down that would be great because I am very nervous that I may not be able to realise my dream because of my age and qualifications! Thanks very much guys for any response to these questions.
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  3. by   chococroissant
    Well Micaela, as far as age is concerned I doubt you'll have a problem with that. Nursing programs here in the US admit a considerable number of second career applicants well over 40! They dont really discriminate based on age.

    As for grades, most programs usually base admissions with prerequisites GPAs or college GPAs (so check the programs for their policy on this) and choose accordingly. You generally get admitted as a pre-nursing undergrad, have the opportunity to take your prerequisites, and would later get to apply for the nursing major once you have completed the prerequisites. Some schools also have criteria that dont solely rely on your GPA but also on pre-admission exams such as the NETs, or the NLN.

    Finally, when choosing whether or not you should take the LPN route first, it depends on your situation. For instance, taking the LPN route would probably be faster as opposed to an ASN or a BSN. But if you're really committed to getting an ASN then it would be good idea to explore this route. Just keep in mind to keep your grades really high. As you might have guessed, programs here in the US are extremely competitive!

    BEst of luck Micaela!
  4. by   lizzyberry
    nursing school is very competitive. You have to get really good grades on the prereqs to have a good chance of getting in the rn program. Although, dont be scared you can get good grades you dont have to be super smart to get an A on the prereqs All u need is the passion and the motivation. If you need tutoring go to the tutors all colleges have tutors. I know I went to some tutors. YOu can gets A's and B's there are older students in my school and they get really good grades because they are determined. There are also other students from different countries and their the ones that are getting the really good grades too. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Good Luck.
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    I am 51 and in my second semester of an ASN program....I took the prereqs while working full-time, and have a previous bachelor's degree in business.

    At our school, you have to complete a biology course and chemistry to apply and your name is put on a wait-list -- first come, first-served. Last I heard, it was between 18 months and 2 years to get in. But your GPA is not a factor (except that the prereqs must be a "C" or better).

    As mentioned above, check with the colleges you are considering applying to. Rather than the LPN route, you may be better off applying for an RN program and completing other coreqs and any other classes you will need while you're in an RN program. It makes life much simpler (but not simple!) if you can concentrate on your nursing core classes.

    Believe me, age is NOT an issue....there is at least one person older than me in my class and several who are in the same range. I know there many in the upper semesters who are also close in age, if not older!!

    Best wishes!!
  6. by   dienne
    Hi Micaela,

    My name is Daniela and I am Italian too. I've been living in the States for 4 years now and I am finishing up my pre-reqs this semester.

    I wrote you a personal message, check your inbox.

  7. by   justme1972
    Ok, I hope our Italian friends that posted here take this as a compliment, because it is...I'm always amazed at people from perfect their English is, especially when writing it.

    I really wished they started foreign language classes here when children are in kindergarden....I'm looking for a lady in my area now that speaks Spanish fluently to watch my twins a couple of days a week for language development.

  8. by   dienne
    Thank you Hopefull2009. It is a compliment!!!!

    I do agree with you that Americans or British for that matter, should learn to speak other languanges, but English is the universal language and so there is no real motivation for English speakers to learn any other language.
    I am not saying that this is right, but usually as human beings we don't do something unless we have to.
    Just my opinion.