Any books to help with A&P 1?

  1. I am starting college in June for pre-nursing. I was wondering if there were any good books to help me with a&p 1. I just want to make sure I do everything I can to make an A.
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  3. by   sarah.b2024
    I suggest getting an anatomy coloring book like the one by kapit and elson. I like making my learning fun so that helped a lot. Also if your book comes with a disc or online access code, use it. Maybe even buy access to the website if you happen to get assigned one of the few books that doesn't come with an access code. The site has tons of animations, quizzes, lab practical stuff... its awesome. Personally a lot of my classmates used notecards.... I hate them but everyone else loved them. Plastic sleeves for fill in the blank work sheets with a dry erase marker is super helpful... A few people in my class bought a whiteboard to draw things out on... In the end though, you need to really have a knack for this kind of stuff. You either understand it or you don't and if you don't, your life will suck for a few months. I was top of my class in both A&P 1 and 2 but its only because this type of stuff makes sense to me. It was almost easy. I recommend that if you understand the material, become the class tutor. That's what I did. If you can teach it, then you know it. If you can't, use all of the materials that I just suggested to get to the point where you can teach it. I love teaching this stuff so if you need help with anything, feel free to pm me through here. Good luck!!

    P.S. Sorry for the novel
  4. by   Endowed
    Barron' Anatomy & Physiology E-Z. ( very good for a head start)
    You can get anatomy and physiology flash cards or create them your self.
    You tube videos.
    You will find a pattern of study and what you think works best as you study the above.

    These are just for a head start into the course and you might add them into your study regimen when the class commences.

    Good luck.
  5. by   zoe92
    I got a book that really helped with lab! I am pretty positive it is called Home Lab. It helped me so much, I stopped having to spend so much time at the open lab.
  6. by   suzilks1
    My top tips would be using the study site for the book if it has one online. Do the practice tests, quizzes, etc. I found excellent videos on youtube for lab practical models as well as concepts I needed a little more explanation on. Organize a study group and stick together. Studying before tests was invaluable. Also, I bought a phone that enabled me to take pictures in lab and label them at the same time. I tried to always read the chapter review before class so I had some idea of what the lecture would be about ahead of time. A&P gets a bad rap I think. It's like anything. What you put into it is what you get out of it. Yes it is challenging but it is also very interesting. I would also suggest using the same teacher for I and II if possible. Then you don't have to spend extra time figuring out what the tests willl be like, etc. Best of luck to you!
  7. by   queserasera
    So, I spent a bundle on all the books. The coloring books, the barons EZ A&P. I'll be honest... nothing helped me... at all. I got a great grade, but it was because I spent time studying my lecture (which I recorded) and spent time in the lab with the models.

    You may be able to save yourself the money, I wish I did.
  8. by   WideOpenHeart
    Everyone learns differently.

    Mosby's has some A&P Study/Review cards that really help some people... They are colorful and illustrated.

    But like Chelsea, those don't work for anyone.

    I know my learning style, and I'm very much helped by such aids, so I'm actually buying a set from another nursing student (Craigslist) who gets nothing out of them.

    Anyway, good luck!
  9. by   rainbowvahmet
    I downloaded an app for my iPhone by visible body. It was expensive as far as apps go, but about the same as a text book and the interface is amazing. Really helped me visualize the organ systems and processes.

    Good luck!
  10. by   OwlieO.O
    Netters flash cards and great internet research skills. These A&P books don't give enough context when they teach (such as on depolarization in muscles). Netters is great for actually making sure you know the information without an aid.