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I was just wondering if anyone uses anatomy flash cards to study and which ones are the best. I want to make sure they are worth the extra money since I already spent over $300 on books and stuff! ... Read More

  1. by   Iridescent Orchid
    I just bought Kaplan Medical's Anatomy Flashcards...I think it was a great buy, considering majority of my learning stems from flashcards! I couldn't resist these. They had so many different versions of A&P flashcards to choose from, it was hard to decide...but this really did seem like the best buy. The others were a couple of $ higher, but this one still seemed to outweigh the features of the others. I'm hoping these pay off like I'm wishing for them too! It was hard to decide on whether it was worth the price, but as long as I utilize them like I should, I believe I'll get my money's worth!
  2. by   vintagemother
    Quote from guy_nurse
    I actually took digital pics in class of the specimens, and of diagrams in my text book, I even took some through the microscope
    This is what I did to help me pass my Micro Lab Practicals with A's. I actually kept them stored on my cell phone so I could study wherever I was if I only had a few minutes. Before the exams, I'd print them on a word doc and make flashcards.

    I have the netters flash cards, also but haven't even opened them. They were super expensive.