Anatomy and Physiology grades this semester.

  1. Just getting grades back.
    My anatomy is at a B, Physiology C, am I doomed at this point?
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  3. by   muirite
    Not necessarily. Depends on where you live
  4. by   ilovebirds
    Yeah, it largely depends on what school you are trying to get into - don't let this discourage you, though!!
    Perhaps if you have Anatomy/Physiology II you'll be able to bring up your science gpa with those (along with microbiology when the time comes)? If not, I personally might repeat Physiology.
  5. by   mightynurse4
    No, it does not matter that you made a C in Physiology. I made a C in Physiology in my ADN program and now I'm getting my MSN in the FNP track. I made an A in Advanced Pathophysiology this past summer. I learn differently now and was able to make sense of everything because I've seen and learned so much as a nurse. You will do fine! Just focus and do your best and go back over the basics if you need to during your break from classes. Sometimes a second look at certain concepts (without the stress of deadlines and assignments) goes a long way. Good luck!
  6. by   .Olive.
    That's my biggest issue. I'm at Tallahassee community and can't repeat a class that has a C or better.....this policy is killing me. I was A's until this semester.
  7. by   nalie2
    Don't limit yourself to just one school. You may have been set on this school, but apply to several others and do your research beforehand. Look at their statistics of applicant pools to determine the school that you have a best shot at.
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  9. by   .Olive.
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  10. by   BBboy
    I'd say it more depends on what the rest of your pre-reqs look like.
  11. by   LPNtoRNin2016OH
    Ah, I just spent this semester getting my soul sucked by A+P 2 - no exaggerating. I have been a 4.0 student the last 2.5 years and I had been sitting on an 85% most of the class until I scored high enough on the final exam to end up with an overall A-. In my program (LPN-RN bridge) all A's and one C would most LIKELY be ok but we have a very small application pool. It would be a 50/50 the regular ADN program? No way José. So they will not let you do a grade replacement if you get a C?

    I can imagine how frustrated you are. I spent every waking moment since August studying for this class. Does your school combined the A + P grade, or are they two separate grades?
  12. by   Syadin
    If you put in the proper effort, your grade would reflect it.
  13. by   Syadin
    I got 100% in Anatomy this semester at my University. I study Anatomy a minimum of 2 hours every single day and some days 6 hours if we learn a new unit. I'm guessing you put about 2 hours in every couple of weeks.
  14. by   jg24fsu
    I also go to TCC and start the program in January. I had a C in ENC1101 which I took many years ago while dual enrolled in high school. I was also upset I couldnt retake this class now but it did not prevent me from getting in the program. I made sure to get A's in the rest of my pre reqs and had a 3.7 when I applied. Just continue forward and get a good score on your Hesi.