Am I the only one pulling out my hair waiting for an acceptance letter?!

  1. I applied for the Spring 2012 semester and I find out next month if I am in. This month is going to be the LONGEST MONTH EVER. I am stressing out more and more as the time goes by.

    Does anyone have advice on how to keep from getting stressed over this? I know by next month I will be stalking the mailman!
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  3. by   sandi1743
    we have all been there - breathe deeply and get things done that need to be done before school starts
  4. by   cccormier
    I know how you feel! I just passed that wave of constant worrying and anxiety (and doubt), but fortunately I got accepted into every university program I applied to, and am now registered and ready to start my BSN in 3 weeks!
    I must admit though, I laughed out loud when I saw the results and thought back on how much stress I had put myself under the past few months, for no reason!
    So that being said, try and relax, stay positive and keep your mind busy on other things.... it's not worth stressing when there's nothing you can do about the decision at this point.
    Just hope for the best, and enjoy the summer!
    nope! Here i am applied in june....deadline isn't until sept 1st.......won't find out until the END OF OCTOBER! ugh!
  6. by   mzrainydayz
    I don't think there's no way not to stress. Same situation I can't apply till Sept( turn my app in) for the Jan 2012 class. And after I turn my app in I won't know anything until November, two months of torture, restless days and nights. I am going insane just waiting for Sept 1st.