Am I going to be doing to much?? Advice needed!!

  1. am i going to be doing to much this semester? i'm trying to get into the lpn to rn bridge for 2012. the application cut off is may 15th. i plan to take the following starting jan. 10th (online):

    a+p i
    u.s history
    public speaking

    i have taken all of my general ed online, so learning online isnt an issue at, it just the classes that i will be taking that is scaring me.

    is this to much? has anyone taken classes like this online at once? what would you do?

    advice needed!!!

    thanks in advance:redpinkhe

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  3. by   lifelearningrn
    I don't think it's too much in general, but I would NOT take the AP1 online.. but I am not a huge fan of online classes so that clouds my judgment a bit. Also, the lab for AP1, imo, needs to be an in person lab. You need to learn all the bone markings and unless you have all those bones in hand there is no way you can learn them. Also, the microscopes and tissues are pretty important. All of it is for that matter.. I just can't imagine doing the lab at home.
  4. by   keepmovingrn
    Thanks mjmoon for your comment. I just wanted to reply bc I dont want my main question to get over shadowed by weather one can/should do A+P online. People complete their BIOL's online everyday, it isnt a big deal at at and is very doable if you are focused on your goals. As a matter of fact I did my Micro online and got an A.

    My question is should I take this 4 classes at once, this semester?

  5. by   chicagoing
    mjmoon was giving some very good advice that you may want to consider.

    Taking four classes at once, even while working, is doable. I have not taken A&P online before, but it seems as though I'd expend a lot of energy just trying to teach myself.
  6. by   keepmovingrn
    Thank you for you advice
    Are you guys LPN's as well?
  7. by   jrfortis
    Doesn't seem like too much at all to me but I have to agree as well about AP online and I love online classes. There is just some things I think you would miss by doing classes like this online. I am wondering what Micro was like online cuz in our lab we did a lot of cultures and tests that you just can't do online... I know my nursing school requires lab so these classes aren't even offered through our college online.
  8. by   boston13
    i wouldn't worry too much about taking the a&p lab online. there are some great software programs and high quality textbooks that can get the job done. and you seem satisfied with micro online.

    but, regardless of where or how you take a&p it's a class that takes most people a lot of time and effort to master. anatomy requires a lot of memorization and some of the physiology concepts require extra time to truly understand.

    a history course is likely going to require a lot of reading, and depending on your abilities math might take up a lot of time with problem sets. four classes at most schools is a full time course load and if you’re working full time, that’s a pretty heavy schedule.

    if you decide to go for it, review each course syllabus carefully on the first day of classes. check to see how much reading and homework is required, and see what the timing is for the exams and assignments. you know your skills and abilities best so only you know if you can handle it.

    dropping a class and taking it later, even if it means delaying your application is probably easier than trying to overcome a bad grade. good luck whatever you decide!

    on a side note, i'd actually hesitate the most on taking public speaking online. while i've seen some really good virtual science labs, i'm not sure how you could mimic getting up in front of a group and speaking.
  9. by   lifelearningrn
    I have to admit, I took my speech requirement online. lol Interpersonal Communications, no less. We had absolutely no student to student contact nor did we hear from the teacher more than twice the entire semester. It was a joke... BUT it fulfilled my speech requirement so it's all good.

    I'm also curious how the lab was for micro online.. did you grow the cultures and stuff at home or was it all software based?

    Working full time and taking a full time semester is going to be a lot.. but not impossible, people do it everyday.

    I do stand by my opinion that with a science class, you simply can't get a good 'feel' for the labs from a piece of software. All the pictures in the world aren't going to be the same as dissecting a brain, eye, heart or cat. JMO
  10. by   keepmovingrn
    Thanks Boston for you in put. Public Speaking I would have to go to campus and do 1 speech in front of my class. Public Speaking is a core class requirement for the nursing program so I HAVE to take it. I am so shy and I know I will be nervous to do a speech in front of my class. A+P I labs are done at home and mailed for the most part. Just like Boston said with all this new software isnt a big deal at all.

    -Math is something that I have always had a little struggle with
    -A+P I feel wont be that bad bc I had a very detailed and solid A+P coarse in LPN school.
    -U.S History I do feel is just reading
    -Public speaking I just dont know

    and yes this would be full time, with me working full time as a single mother of a 8yr old.
  11. by   lifelearningrn
    History isn't hard.. there is no critical thinking involved.. read the material like a novel and you'll breeze right through it.

    Public speaking scares the heck out of me too.. hence taking interpersonal communications online. I imagine eventually I'll have to take a public speaking type class (or it incorporated into another class) but for now, I'm happy never to have to do that.

    If you have someone that can help you with the math, you'll do fine... otherwise that might be a difficult online class.. but not impossible.
  12. by   keepmovingrn
    Thank you mjmoon:spin:
    Classes start Jan. 10th and I'm regs. for the 4 classes above. I'm going take another day or 2 to make a decision. If I decided to just take 3 it would be the Math, A+P, and U.S History.
  13. by   mymy1219
    four classes isn't to much to handle. just apply yourself and everything will work out. If you feel that the workload is too much during the semester drop one of the classes to make sure you come out with a good grade
  14. by   gina1982
    Shoot....I WISH I had your schedule! This is what I got to take:

    A&P I (Lec AND Lab)
    Human nutrition and diet therapy
    General Biology (Lec AND Lab)

    Pray for me!!!! LOL!!!!