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Hi,. Maybe I should call this "things that I wish other people told me". Anyway, I will be done with school in Dec. I am doing an evening ASN program since I work full-time plus. I have found... Read More

  1. by   ann945n
    I actually found chemistry to be the least used pre req class i took. I found maybe about 1 percent of my class was chemistry based and this was basic level stuff, all things you could have easily figured out without a chemistry class. Also math? seriously?? If you passed 6th grade math you are good to go! Not to belittle people but please, we are talking basic math skills. if you can convert pounds to kg as in one kg = 2.2 pounds you are good to go. Only A&P was of any worth to me pre req wise. Micro was a joke, never used it! you hear micro words all the time but dont need to know much more than that. just my two cents
  2. by   emtb2rn
    Quote from CrazyHands
    snip...Nursing is very heavily centered around Chemistry. If you struggled through or hated chemistry, you will NOT like Nursing. Perioid. I wish I had taken MORE CHEMISTRY.

    MATH - take more. You need to be very, very comfortable with math. Each semester we have a make or break medical calculations exam. So if you hate math, see above comments.

    If I had to do it all over again, I'd take my time doing the pre-reqs. I rushed through them to apply, and was not finished in time to apply the first year and had to sit out an entire year before being accepted. On the bright side, I did take an extra statistics class and an intermediate algebra class for the reasons sited above. I really should have taken more chemistry, that would have been a nice boost.
    With all due respect, I have to completely disagree with you on both points.

    Firstly, nursing isn't centered around chem, it's centered around A&P and critical thinking.

    I didn't like math or chemistry in HS and never took any math or science in college. The chemistry class I took at the same time as nursing I last semester helped me understand a bit more about how drugs work, but doesn't effect how I care for patients. In other words, I hate(d) chemistry and love nursing.

    As for math, I spent 2 weeks reviewing algebra (on websites I found here) before taking the NET and did just fine. I use dimensional analysis (thanks Daytonite) for med calculations and haven't had any problems. You will have to be able to solve medical calculations, but you don't need to be a math whiz. You don't need to be comfortable with math in general, you need to be comfortable with a method for solving med calcs, be it ratio/proportion, dosage over amount or DA.