ADD, Is it possible for me to still do Nursing?

  1. I'm only a CMA, but I graduated at least 2 years ago and am working as a Medical Aide at a school. At my program, we only had 25 students, dwindling down to 15 at graduation day. We learned how to do injections, blood draws and other basic things. I really love being a Medical aide and would love to be a school nurse, but I'm worried that my ADD will make it harder for me. Frankly, I do take medication, and it's helped, but I still have some issues with organization and such, but I am finding new ways to help myself with that.

    I'm currently doing my Pre-req for nursing at University of Houston and I'm only at least a year away to be able to try to apply for a nursing program.

    Is it possible for me to do Nursing? I had issues with bullying at my old workplace mainly and I do blame it on the ADD, and that worries me.
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  3. by   Davey Do
    If you love being a Medical Aide, would love to be a School Nurse, and are working on improving your organizational skills, you have my support, Amethya!

    The very best to you in your endeavors!
  4. by   nowonimportant
    Many people working in the medical field have ADD, including myself. Don't label yourself or use it as an excuse to not succeed. You can do it!
  5. by   AnnieNP
    YES, it is absolutely possible.