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Forgive me if this gets long but I need some advice from others... I applied to a community college to get into their 3 yr BN program. (A program that they aren't even accepting new applications... Read More

  1. by   klynn81
    Quote from Saysfaa
    That is funny! My family has benefited from that book (yes, I forgot the five was in the title).

    Actually, I've been rethinking my answer. I would still do it - my husband and I actually talked about a very similar situation a few months ago if certain circumstances happened. But we have 25 years of solid history - including some experiences with being apart more than we wanted to be and and at least a little experience with two hour commutes. Three years after that isn't as much as three years would have been even ten or fifteen years earlier in our marriage.

    I think it definately can be done, even early in marriages. I even know some people who have done it. But that doesn't mean it is the best choice for the two of you. It might be. Good luck to you both whichever way you decide.
    As a side note...we've done the long distance thing. I'm American, he Canadian, and dated long distance (8hrs) for 4 years before moving in together. Now 8yrs married, with 4yrs prior to that having been the long distance I think it's safe to say we know what distance is like. Not Fun!

    Where's the dang easy button? I'd be hittin' it so hard right now.
  2. by   smatrang001
    I think you should go for the BSN. The wait time for the LPN and completion of the LPN will be equal to the Completion of BSN. Three years isn't that bad. Just tell your husband that it's gonna be hard. There will be days he'll have to be eating left overs or (my husbands twice a week now meal) pizza hut.

    My husband is military and works long hours 5:30-1900 and he's in the field one week a month. So I understand the not being able to see each other. Just manage your time. All test dates are outlined in the syllabus, so plan your study times for when he's at work.

    I usually listen to lectures while cooking dinner so we can eat dinner and relax at night together. He'll feel a little neglected, but just inform him that you're working hard so he can be proud of you.

    My husband is anticipating orders to a new location (Alaska) while I'll be staying here (Louisiana) for six months to finish my ASN. We discussed this before hand. Hey, I've waited 10-17 month deployments 3 times. He can be a little patient right? we can't wait forever. The opportunity is there, go for it!
  3. by   klynn81
    I put the deposit down to save my seat for the August entrance of the BN program. Not sure if that's the route I'll go...I swear every other day I'm back and forth...but at least I'll have some more time to think about it and figure it out.