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I just wanted to start a topic for applicants of 2012. I've been going through forums trying to find an applicant in my situation, but I have not been successful so far. I figured by starting my own... Read More

  1. by   rarani
    Has anyone applied to other schools? I had applied to Rutgers but did not got accepted ... and now I am thinking about UMDNJ if I do not get into NJCU but NJCU is still my #1... ahhh!!! cant wait for this wait to be over!
  2. by   C333
    I applied to Wagner in Staten Island but NJCU is my top choice.
  3. by   mancrna
    Yes, I did not get into Rutgers as well. I knew it would be hard since it's the cheapest program out there. I applied and have been accepted into Drexels ace BSn program, and Failreighdickinson university. THey are all very expensive about 60k for fDU. and 41k for Drexel and room and board would be another 16k.

    I know for UMDNJ you can't apply until all of your prerequisites are completed so I haven't applied there yet. I'm waiting to hear back from Suny Downstate medical in brooklyn ( although after I applied I heard not so many great things about them), and NJCU and Seton Hall as well. Anybody know how difficult NJCU nursing program is to achieve high grades? Or what the level of reputation is around hospitals?
  4. by   rarani
    Yeah NJCU is my top choice as well. I knew Rutgers was hard but I thought being an alumni and knowing the faculty would help me out but I guess not =/... My main issue is a got a C on A&P part two and many of the other programs require a C+ or higher. Nothing I can do now but wait and hope for the best! Although I don't really know what I am going to do if I don't get in. Ahhhh I am going crazy
  5. by   mancrna
    Unfortunately, they wouldn't care. I attend their information session a while back. They said all they care about are grades. There are other programs. It might br too late now but you could take another graduate level course at community college and do well strengthening your application for the future.
  6. by   ChristinaCow123
    Acceptance letters were sent out today. Good luck everyone
  7. by   ChristinaCow123
    C333 did you hear that the letters were sent out today? I don't know if I posted it already but Ms. ***** said they are in the mail!
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  8. by   C333
    Yes I saw your message! Are you getting mine? I sent you a couple but they don't show in my inbox. Friday may be the day!!
  9. by   C333
  10. by   C333
    Do you know if they were acceptane letters only or all decisions letters?
  11. by   mancrna
    Oh man I hope i Get into njcu. I don't want to go to FDU or Drexels Ace anymore. I heard it's really hard. And I just got wait listed for sony downstate medical.
  12. by   rarani
    Ahhh that's crazy! Soo nervous now.. these are going to be the longest two days of my life! Let's just hope its good new for all of us!!!
  13. by   C333
    Any accelerated program will be very difficult.. If the school accepted you it means they believe you can be successful there. Have faith in yourself! but anyway... yes hoping NJCU takes all of us!