A+P II homework question. Please help!!

  1. Hello everyone, im not looking for anyone to answer my questions, but if they know the answer or have an idea of any good websites I could look on. I need to know the pathology of the main endocrine organs. If anyone can help me out that would be great! Thanks a bunch.:blushkiss
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    What book are you using? Most books have a website available and sections for chapters. Check and see if yours has one.
    Otherwise, there are a bunch of links at the beginning of this thread, or a little ways down anyway. You can always check those out.
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    let me understand you. you are looking for pathology, the diseases, of the endocrine system, right? that just seems a little odd for a physiology class. there are so many diseases. i've linked you in to three sites where you can explore and make lists of the various endocrine diseases. i suppose the biggie is diabetes mellitus.

    http://www.fpnotebook.com/end.htm - this is the endocrine notebook page. they are all links to various chapters of endocrine pathology

    http://www.clevelandclinicmeded.com/.../endoindex.htm - subjects in endocrine pathology from the cleveland clinic

    http://www.emedicine.com/med/endotopiclist.htm this is a listing of articles of the various diseases and pathological conditions that occur in the endocrine system from webmd or you can find diseases listed by each endocrine organ through this index http://www.emedicine.com/med/endoindex.shtml

    on the off-chance that what you are looking for is help with your anatomy and physiology of the endocrine system, here are links to previous postings on these forums with weblinks to help you out:
    http://www.endocrineweb.com/index.html - endocrine web.com, also has endocrine disorders here