A&P I Induced Anxiety

  1. I'm currently attending a community college where A&P I is the pre-req to apply to the nursing program, and only the top 2% will be accepted. On the first day of class, the professor announced that a third of us must fail and 90% will fail the first exam. The exam is on next Tuesday, but I've been slightly losing my mind since I began this class. I haven't been able to sleep or leave the house except to go to classes. I keep rereading, using flash cards and coloring books, but it feels like it just goes in to go back out again.

    For anyone who has taken this class or has been tested, have you felt similar? Does it seem like you remember nothing, but will come to mind during the exam? Do professors always say those things to scare away the less serious individuals?

    I have never felt so anxious or pressured in my life to do well. I just need to know that others feel the same.
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  3. by   yedwards42
    Hi ~

    Did your professor give you some ideas/outline what the first exam will be on? Based on what you said, and my personal opinion, your professor seems very arrogant and not motivating/encouraging at all! I know you're already enrolled in the class, though what I normally do before enrolling in courses is to find any feedback on professors, whether word-of-mouth or on the internet. You can search on the internet to find out any reviews or ratings on professors. If I find posts stating professors are unfair, unmotivating, etc. I won't take them. I want to be challenged, though I want to learn from a professor (and class) that is enriching and fun! Anyway, for future classes - ask around and research on-line before selecting courses. Sometimes another community college (or college on-line course) may be another option to avoid a particular "bad" teacher.

    Back to your studying. Sounds like this professor and tests will be extremely challenging. I wouldn't doubt the test will have some tricky questions - where two answers appear to be the correct ones. I'd devout as much time as you can studying the next week for this exam. Read each chapter thoroughly, and highlight all key points. Refer to any tips/information your professor provided (if any). If you can contact your professor, do so and ask for more test details. When I'm preparing for a test, I normally devout reviewing one or two full chapters a day - read chapter, make/review flashcards, and notes. Take periodic breaks. Then the next day, switch to another chapter and same review format. Then a day/two before the test, skim your notes and key points on all the chapters. Have someone test you and/or ask yourself questions and provide the answers. Also, if it helps to study with a classmate, you might want to do that. I personally study best individually, though some like to review with groups. Above all, don't let the professors words scare you! You can do well on the test - just prepare well and tell yourself "you're gonna nail it".

    Good luck!
  4. by   COMPLEXBeautyy
    Sounds like your professor should untuck his dick lol!
  5. by   x_factor
    Actually what the professor is saying is true. This isn't a scare tactic, generally A&P can be the true "weeding out" class, as many nursing schools require it for admission, science GPA holds more weight, and A&P is generally one of the most important pre-reqs you will take because it's all about the human body. It's in-depth, it's a significant amount of material, a significant amount of memorization, and just a tough class overall.

    My professor told us that we start with 30 students, and generally end with 5-6 that actually pass. There's 3 students in the class right now that are taking it for the 3rd time, one student who is on her 4th time, and at least half the class is taking it for the 2nd time. All of them confirmed that only 5-6 students make it out with a passing grade each semester.

    It's A&P. That's just how it is.
  6. by   zoe92
    I agree that A & P is a weed out class. Last semester when I took it, we ended up with about half the kids by the end of the semester (and some who needed to get an A on the final to actually pass the course). But, I don't believe your teacher should have said what he did. I say take a break from studying, get some sleep, regroup and really just go over what you don't know. There is such a thing of over studying (even for a complex subject like A & P), and this might be what is causing you so much anxiety.
  7. by   yedwards42
    I agree that A/P is intense, though saying deflating, unmotivating comments can only add to the number of students that may score low or fail. My professors were great (intense though very motivating) and I agree there were probably 50 students in the beginning and maybe 30 at the end. I don't think many failed though. In contrast, my Chemistry course (another awesome instructor) had about 50 students to start and only a dozen at the end. You have to put the time in to score well in these courses... those that don't will score poorly. Overall, do your homework on your professors before registering for their courses - ratemyprofessor.com is an awesome website. My GPA is important to me, and receiving feedback from other students about their courses/professor recommendations and performing internet searches on professors has been helpful in choosing my classes - working hard is not an issue for me. I want to be challenge though also want to have a fun time (and be motivated/encouraged).
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