A&P Research Paper - page 2

I am stressing and doubting that this semester will end well. I need to do a 3-5 page research paper for A&P. Has to be an aspect of anatomy or physiology or both. Any ideas greatly... Read More

  1. by   kimber1985
    I would do the A&P of Diabetes, as this will help you later in nursing.
  2. by   MB37
    What diseases, if any, run in your family? If you have a family member with something obscure, do your paper on that. It will help you to understand what they are suffering from better and give you an interesting perspective.
  3. by   augigi
    Although be careful - I did a nursing class paper on my dad's heart condition during my degree and then proceeded to drive him crazy assessing his symptoms and asking if he'd considered certain treatments! Heh.
  4. by   Daytonite
    I would do a search of the website of the National Institute of Health and see what kind of topics are on there to get some ideas of what new discoveries are being made about the human body.
  5. by   Jenny67
    I apologize that I didn't get back and thank everyone for the ideas!! I was so overwhelmed the last month of the semester, that I honestly was not thinking straight.

    I ended up relaxing and did my paper on the Connection Between Insulin, Obesity, and Ovaries. It just kind of fell together and before I realized it had 9 pages and had to edit it down to 5.

    Again, thanks!!
  6. by   classicdame
    Something I think interesting is how we have changed the way we treat diabetes mellitus. Consider that insulin is made in the beta cells of the pancreas and for many years that was the entire pharmacological focus. Now medications reflect total carb metabolism. For instance, Byetta is a med that is analgous to amylin, another pancreatic hormone but made in the alpha cells. So the question arises- what other roles does the pancreas play in diabetes?