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Just wanted to start a "club" for those of us who are taking A&P 1 this fall. My class is 16 weeks. I have lecture on M/W/F for one hour each day and lab on Tues for 3 hrs. My teacher... Read More

  1. by   keji56
    i want to join as well
  2. by   Jenny67
    Hi Everyone!

    I'm in A&P I on Tuesday and Thursdays 8:30AM to 9:50AM and lab on Thursday 12:30PM-2:30PM.

  3. by   matsgrl
    Thank you smattles so very much, they are awesome!!
  4. by   romansten9
    Hello everyone. This is my first post here. My class is Tues 6:00-8:40 PM (yeah 2 1/2 hours!) and lab is Mon. 5:20-7:10. My instructor doesnt really "instruct" much. He gives us an outline of the chapter (notes) with blanks here and there to fill in a missing word, and occasionally elaborates on a point. On the first day of class he said he is a crappy teacher but a pretty good doctor. It doesnt matter to me, since the class is once a week it forces everyone to do the work on their own anyway. I actually like the instructor, and he is willing to answer anyones questions. The best news about him is that he tells us what to study for the exams, and there is NO final, he said "whats the point?" and I totally agree! If you pass all the exams all semester, what point is there in repeating it all over again at the end?? finals make no sense. anyway, its a good idea to have a club for this.
  5. by   romansten9
    Since people are talking about age I should mention that I'm 37. And like some of you I have kids. My daughter is 14 months and my other child will be born around Thanksgiving! Yeah, I know, they're pretty close together. (oh, and the reason I say I have kids is because both of my children are very much 100% human beings with heartbeats and are very physically ACTIVE!) I'm excited as you can tell. Anyway, I understand your challenges since I am taking A&P, chemistry, psych, working my job, running after my daughter, and will be putting everything on hold to enter the hospital for the delivery and then all those sleepless nights will follow at home with the new baby (when I should be studying and getting rest) Its going to be FUN!
  6. by   romansten9
    here are a couple useful links I found. The first has mnemonics. (which I love)for example, for the 5 layers of the epidermis remember "come lets get sun burned" some are a bit x-rated, but I just ignore those!


    the next one is an online "microscope" for histology. the really unique thing is that you can change the magnification like a real microscope. to zoom in.

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  7. by   smattles1of2
    That microscope site is cool! Thanks!

    I have 2 kids too...a 2.5 yr old and a 9 month old. I'm worried about putting them in daycare in January if I get accepted into the nursing program, but i'll worry about that later I guess. My oldest keeps getting sick from preschool so i'm worried i'll have to miss class alot.

    Good luck with the new baby!
  8. by   matsgrl
    Oh wow, thanks romansten9!
  9. by   bean_7182004
    Hi all,
    Lian, I'm using the new marieb book as well. We just had a lecture on the chemestry chaperter today. It is a pain because the instructer said she only wants us to know the "important" parts but who the he-- knows what she is going to consider important. I mean are all 20 amino acids important or just that most amino acid names end in -ase. I just cant wait until we get to the next chapter and start on cells.
  10. by   MB37
    I have the Frederic Martini book, and my first exam is tomorrow. We have 4 exams and a final (each exam is lecture and lab together) and that's it for our grade. No assignments, quizzes, anything else. My prof missed class last week, so this test is only on the intro chapter and the chemistry chapter. So far, I feel good about the material, but this stuff is all review for me (chem and micro were prereqs). Once we get into memorizing names of bones and muscles is when I get worried. Oh, 27, married, no kids yet (unless the husband counts), and work FT, school PT this year. Good luck to all!
  11. by   smattles1of2
    I'm using that book too. We have our first test on wed. We've already had two 20 point quizzes which were super easy. The test is on the first 3 chapters which is just memorizing. I had micro too already, so this is all review too.

    Good luck on your test!
  12. by   starzzmom
    We are using the Marieb book and our instructor told us to skip the second chapter. I am in a Saturday only class and we are currently on chapter 6. It is some tough reading and we are averaging 1 - 2 chapters per week. Our first exam was last week and I spent an average of 2 hours per night the week prior going painstakingly through chapters 1,3, 4 and 5 making my own notes. I did get a 94 (phew), but am mad because what I missed was primarily out of the first chapter. I have re-read it 4 times so have read it the most and still got tripped up by the names of the parts of the bodies on the one diagram in it.....olecranial, occipital, whatever the heck the front of the elbow is supposed to be.
    I feel like I really KNEW and UNDERSTOOD the material, but the test was not a fair representation of the material. This is a new instructor. He told us that his Tues/Thurs class only had 7 people who made a B or higher on the same test. 6 people made an A in our class, but that makes me question the construction of the test.
    What do you do but keep trying harder.
    I have to make an A to have any hope of having the points to enter the program.

    I never studied this hard when I was going after my first bachelor's degree...well, maybe in accounting, but this is hard!
    (whine whine whine)
  13. by   matsgrl
    Starzzmom, can u switch to another instructor?