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Just wanted to start a "club" for those of us who are taking A&P 1 this fall. My class is 16 weeks. I have lecture on M/W/F for one hour each day and lab on Tues for 3 hrs. My teacher... Read More

  1. by   matsgrl
    Congrats unterpleichfeld !!

    I think a B is very good!
  2. by   coonkine
    I had my first quiz in lab wed. I got a 100 I have a paper to do (not bad, just 2 pages). I'm worried about the test (for lecture) sep 19. He says its always people's lowest (like 30's/40's). I'm going to be studying like crazy.
  3. by   mermaid36
    oh this is great! what a good idea to start a club for a&p newbies! i finished biology last spring, took dosage calculations in summer and now doing the a&pi and microbiology this fall :uhoh21: . a bit intimidating because of my age and lack of experience in the hard sciences-i really need to look at the book/notes every day or i'm terrified i'll do poorly. but-this website is fantastic and so nice to see there are others out there in the same situation-thanks!!
  4. by   takapahaRN
    I'm taking ANP1 as well. Saturday from 8-12pm. Actually works out really well for me. I'd hate to take it twice a week, lol.
  5. by   matsgrl
    Great job coonkine!

    I have my 2nd quiz in lecture today. We are studying the chemistry part. Ick. It's not hard for me as I just had chemistry but it's just BOR-ING!
  6. by   bean_7182004
    Well, i just took my first quiz today in lecture, got an A, only 1 question wrong. I think thats ok, but it was a stupid mistake to make and i should have read it correctly and gotten it right. oh well, I would just rather flat out not know the answer then to miss it because of a stupid reading error.
    I also had my first lab today...it was pretty cool. We started right off with fetal pig dissection. It was really neat and i totally learned a whole lot more from it now then when we dissected in high school bio. I had a ton of fun in lab.
    I hear you about the borring chemestry part...we are supposed to start that on wednesday in lecture.
    One thing that i have learned that has really helped me study is to sit up front and tape the lectures. I have a 40 minute drive home and i listen to them on the way to and from school.
  7. by   matsgrl
    Yes, I do sit up front AND tape it.

    I got one wrong on my quiz today. Yes, that's good but dang it!! I got it wrong over something stupid too! HAHA I hate that when I see a few words and think "Oh, I know that!" and put an answer down and what happens is that I don't fully read the question and I got it wrong because she switched one word in it. Grrr My stupidity though. Taught me to slow down and read the questions fully though.
  8. by   catzy5
    Everyone I hope I can join too I am a couple weeks late as our school started in August, but I too am taking AP 101 so far so good we have had two exams I got an A on both and many many labs. We have a lot of work to do our lab doesn't really follow our lecture its like two seperate classes, We have major projects due, practicals, quizes and then we have all this stuff due for lecture. Oh and we have a Cadavar anyone else working with a real body? I go to school 2 days a week and our lab seems to be much longer then some of you have posted I go 9-2pm 2 days a week with 1.5 hour lecture each day and the rest lab time total 0f 7 hours a week on the lab part. I took a pre anatomy course I thought I was going to do the LVN course at school so they don't require 101 for that and boy I tell you it was a huge help I don't know how someone would go into this class without some basic anatomy, chemistry and biology.

    My big progect due this quarter is histology we have to study all the tissues, we have a packet to find out all we can about them (we are not doing this chapter in lecture its all on our own). We take out the slides every day and view as many as we can research where they are located and what their purpose is. In about 2 more weeks we will have a practical where we will look at about 22 slides Identify them and answer questions. We have to turn in Drawings of all the slides we are doing, we have a 3 section written exam and then last we have to turn in 5 out of all of the tissues drawn really well labeled with atleast 5 things about each slide that we can identify. This is all above and beyond what we do each class period for lab and lecture. Its a lot of work I am a good portion done my project and I am really enjoying it, I think that is the key to really try and have fun and be excited about learning new things or you will get overwhelmed and stressed about the amount of work.

    oh ya I am an older student too I am 38 I have 3 kids 7,7 and 9 I have them help me my 9 yr old loves to read my notes or go over my flash cards with me, they are also learning all the Math I am and are actually excelling in school with all the "extra" lol studying they do

    can't wait to read the rest of the posts!
  9. by   catzy5
    Quote from unterpleichfeld
    Well, I finished my first week of classes and had my first lab this morning. Let me just say that I am INCREDIBLY overwhelmed... I am full time, and my other classes are Elem. Algebra, Psychology of Adjustment, and Freshman English II. I also have a 9 yo, 8 yo, and a 5 yo. I know that I can do this, but I just feel guilty because of the amount of time that I will be taking away from my kids.... Anyone else in a similiar boat that can pass along any suggestions to help with time management and my feelings of guilt?

    Hi I so know where you are coming from my kids are 7,7 and 9 and I am taking a full load this semester too. I study while my kids are in school I pretty much don't do anything else all day LOL. At 3pm when they come home my books go away, I help them with their homework, and have snack play etc...then about 7pm my books come out again I do a little studying reading the text going over flash cards etc... I go to school on Saturdays that takes away from my kids on the one hand but also my husband is watching them and thats good quality time for all 4 of them. I go to school until 2 but I stay until about 4 going over the lecture getting caught up in lab and just basicly studying. This way on Sunday depends on whats going on in class but I set aside family time and try not to do too much studying, I always manage to squeeze in an hour or so though LOL Its been much harder this semester with 2 lab courses managing my time but I am a full month into it now and getting the swing and routine down. My kids help me and I know that I might not be around them constantly or still doing my study time I am giving them quality time.
  10. by   Vixen17
    I'm in A&P 1 Also!! My class is Saturday's 9-11:50 for lecture and for lab 1:00-2:50, but the teachers decided that they didn't need that much time so the lecture professor has her class form 10-11:30 and the lab starts 12:30- 2:00..so it almost saves me an hour!

    My professor is doing the lecture with a twist..she focuses on clincal examples when we go through each chapter...great for us soon to be nurses.

    Had two classes so far..tons of lab homework...we are starting with the cell...I can't wait till we dissect the rat!!! YAY!
  11. by   matsgrl
    Hey, we are going over histology now so if you want/need help - ask away because I might be able to give you some help!!
  12. by   smattles1of2
    We just had our histology lab. I googled all the tissue examples and printed off pics and put them on flashcards. So I have flashcard with a picture of "simple squamous epithelial" and "connective tissue loose areolar" etc.

    It's been helpful. I have all the images saved if anyone wants me to email them a copy.
  13. by   heartstart
    I also have a powerpoint presentation for the histology lab if any one needs it email to them. Just let me know