4 classes in the summer

  1. Hello everyone, I have a question. I applied to a nursing program for the fall but I won't know if I got accepted until May and I have to register on the 25th of this month for my summer classes. I have 3 prerequisite classes to take plus I found out a month ago I have to take a nursing class. Do y'all think I should take all 4 classes just in case I get accepted or just split the classes up and reapply in the Spring? What would y'all do?
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  3. by   lauraline
    What 3 classes are they? I'm assuming that includes anatomy and physiology? Do you have to take the lab portion(s) as well?

    Can you split the 3 classes up over the summer like some schools have summer session 1 and a summer session 2?

    What about trying to take one of them online? Will your school allow that?

    I'm not sure what your specific requirements are. But my advice is if you have the time to do it--do it!
    It's possible, I took 4 classes last summer and got all A's.

    But this is assuming you don't have to work during the summer, or have something else eating up your time.

    My first few years of undergrad I made the mistake of not using my time efficiently. I always thought to myself 'Oh, I can take that later' or 'that class can wait until next year', etc. In retrospect I wish I had taken my Anatomy, Micro, and Physiology earlier during the school year, instead of waiting, because I would have been able to apply earlier to more nursing programs.
  4. by   dannygurl84
    No I took all my a&p classes. I'm taking micro lab, philosophy, nutrition and nursing class. I don't knw if any of this can be taken online, it's a new school I'm starting. I don't work.
  5. by   runsalot
    Since you are not working. Yes. It's doable. Just lots of studying.
  6. by   Ginamarie119
    Dannygurl84 I think you will be fine. I did A&PI and Developmental Psych in session I and A&PII and Nutrition in session II last summer. I was able to get all A's. It was a lot of work, but if you can break it up into multiple sessions it can be done. Good luck!
  7. by   dannygurl84
    Thanks for the advice, I just don't want to regret nothing. Hopefully they offer all if these classes in the summer.
  8. by   phoenixnim
    Most schools offer philosophy online. My community school and transfer college both offer nutrition online. You can do it!

    I work full time and am taking on 3 classes this summer, all online, so I can get all my credits done to start nursing school next fall. Art, developmental psych and nutrition. I think it will be okay. If you want, we can cheer each other on! ;-)
  9. by   dannygurl84
    We sure can Phoenixnim I'm not really good with online classes. Is Philosophy are really hard class?? I took 2 nutrition classes already and I think they both were similar.