2nd time applying for nursing program

  1. Hello everyone,

    So I am a junior now at my 4 year university. Spring semester I applied for the nursing program: 3.56 GPA, CNA at my local hospital and a nursing home, passed PAX-NLN, and was accepted under the conditions that I passed all of my spring semester courses with a C or better.

    My main courses were Microbiology and Pathophysiology -- which are both only offered spring semester of your sophomore year. My cousin was tragically murdered and I truly lost focus and went into a major depression. Long story short, I didnt pass those 2 with C's but D+'s. I did retake Micro this summer and passed it with a B, but Patho is only offered in the spring, which I will have to wait to re-take.

    Nursing is my PASSION-- I cant see myself doing anything or being anything other than a nurse <3

    I am planning to minor in nutrition in the meantime. My GPA is now a 3.46. I was thinking maybe become a phlebotomy tech also

    Any suggestions on else should I do since I have to "waste" a year away ? is anyone else in my shoes? what are your plans
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  3. by   claritasd
    I'm sorry to hear about your cousin, and about having to wait an extra year. But it sounds like you're making the best of having to wait! Definitely take the nutrition classes, but do you have the option of taking any of the nursing classes before you're admitted? Obviously some you can't, but maybe there's a class or two you CAN take without being admitted. That depends on the school, though. But it would help you 'catch up' a little bit to have some of the things out of the way.

    You could also look into taking a class or two in a language that's common in your area. That way once you finish school and start working as a nurse, you'll have at least basic skills in a language you might need to speak.
  4. by   NURSEinprogress91
    Thanks so much ! At my university the only nursing courses we can take prior to being admitted is patho and growth and development. Other than that ill have to wait. I know for sure next fall I want have to take intro to nursing because I'm a CNA. But I will consider taking Spanish some more thanks again
  5. by   onetallgirl
    Since I'm twiddling my thumbs also, I'm taking Medical Terminology and Pharmacology Math at the local community college. Spanish would be awesome to continue (which is my Minor). Good luck!!!!
  6. by   jwheeler7791
    I'm very sorry to hear about your cousin. Its tough enough to plod through a semester, I can't even imagine how rough that must have been!

    Are there any support courses you could take until you start your program to help get your GPA up? Lifespan and Development? Statistics? Abnormal Psychology? How about some silly little 'College Life Skills' class as a GPA filler?

    You have to be careful to take classes that are pertinent to your major, but there is definitely some leeway as how you go about it. As long as you can make the case in the future how it would further your career as a nurse, I would say its fair game!

    I took Yoga last semester just to 'buffer' myself. I've got a GPA I'm very happy with, but I just wanted to give myself just that much more 'cushion' and to make that 'all important' number just that much higher. However as a side benefit, it helped my stress level and gave me some techniques I can teach my patients in the future.

    Just some thoughts..
  7. by   zoe92
    So sorry to hear about your cousin.
    I think it is great that you decided to minor in nutrition. You could always double minor and take on something like Spanish or psychology. I took enough Psych electives to get an associates in it.
  8. by   NURSEinprogress91
    Thanks everyone. !