*~Human Development

  1. i'm about to start the human development class. if anyone has taken or is currently taking this, can you comment on it? thanks amy
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Well, i can't recall the name of the book we used, but i recall the Freud was in every single chaper. Also talked about different cultures, types of families, and their influences on child development.

    What didn't make sense to me about this class was that i was expecting more of a psychological/mental spin, (since our school listed it as a psych course) and got things like "by age --- a child should be physically---".
  4. by   lisabeth
    I really liked the class. Ericson was the main one we studied. It was just a lot of material to cover in 4 weeks. I learned a lot and made my A.
    Our instructor pointed out that Psychology has changed in recent years. I liked both Psychology classes.
  5. by   romie
    I loved my human development classes. I took it twice, basically. First time I used Development Through the Lifespan by Laura Berk. The second time I used Human Development: A Lifespan View By Robert V. Kail and John C. Cavanaugh.

    I found the course extremely fascinating and absolutely believe that it is the foundation of my practice in healthcare. Don't think of it as a "psych class". I loved Erickson's theories, Maslow, theories on moral development.

    While you could probably pass the class without ever cracking open a book, you should definitely do the reading assignments. Also consider that most of the mainstream nursing theories are based on or similar to the theories you will find in your lifespan development class.

    In the past, most human development classes overly focused on fetal, infant and child development. That is nice if you are going to be a childhood educator or pediatric nurse, but don't let the course sell you short on the rich human development that occurs across the lifespan. Even little old ladies are still developing and undergoing growth.
  6. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    thank you all..this is really exciting..now i'm looking forward to next week..THANKS..

  7. by   LiveZen
    I took Human Development spring quarter. My class was an easy A, even with almost exclusively short answer tests. If you have any prior psych or education type classes this will be mostly review for you. We used the Kail text and did a lot of "what is developmentally appropriate at this age" type of stuff. We talked a lot about environmental factors and life issues at different ages...we did prenatal through geriatric. Our course was primarily geared toward nursing and psych majors.