Pre-nursing student - what should my major be?


Hello everyone,

I am in school now and my major is "undecided". I would like to a nursing school for students who have a bachelors degree in something other than nursing. I am wondering what my major should be. Right now, I am taking the prerequisite classes now but I won't be able to graduate without a major. Thank you in advance for any responses!


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You can major in biology since you're required to take chemistry,biology anyways.. check the prereqs required for schools you want to apply to in the future.


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Check the pre reqs rewuired for your desired programs, then find a major that also requires those classes. I would imagine that biology would likely be good a the PP stated. But I have to ask. Why dont you just apply to a nursing program as an undergrad? To do an accelerated program doesnt save that much time, especially if you are spending time now just getting a degree. You could just take the required pre reqs and apply directly into a BSN or ADN program. In most cases, having a second Baccalaureate degree in a non nursing field does not help you once you are a nurse unless its in like health management or the like.


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I agree with mrsboots87- why not just go straight into a traditional BSN program? Many of them are moving to a two year model. Even a 3 year program will cost you less time and money than some random BS degree then an accelerated program. Plus, you'll be eligible for more financial aid going to the traditional route.

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I would set up a meeting with a counselor at your institution. They are likely knowledgeable about nursing programs in the area and can give you the best advice as to what degree would allow you to meet all your prerequisites.

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I would second the advice to meet with a counselor or adviser at your school in terms of possible majors. Is there are reason you don't want to go straight for BSN and want to do another major first? It's not a bad choice if you really want the other major to get it done before nursing school, but it may be possible to double-major or otherwise take the additional course work you want while still going for BSN if you plan carefully and work with your school. If the reason you aren't going for your BSN now is that your school doesn't offer a BSN, perhaps you should consider transferring to a school that does. It will likely save time/money in the long-run if that is the case.