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Pre nursing questions

I am still in pre requisites for a diploma rn but I want my bachelors and so far I only need like five classes which will not keep my status at full time so I wanted to take classes towards my bsn does anyone know where to get a list of classes to take to fill up my schedule?

Check with the university that offers the BSN program you are interested in. They should have their catalog posted on their website. All graduation requirements for the BSN should be posted there. See what will transfer over and take those classes.

shay&lynn, ASN, RN

Has 4 years experience. Specializes in Nursing Assistant.

totally agree w/willowita. check the program reqs for the college that you would like to obtain your bsn for a list of classes.

good luck!

Also confirm that the universities that interest you will accept transfer credits from your school. At one of the schools I was considering, only about 2/3 of BSN pre-req classes could transfer, the rest had to be earned at that university.

Thank you guys! I didn't think that some credits might not transfer I'll make sure they do now!

See if your school offers a bridge program. Mine does and all of my credits will transfer to our 4 year university when I'm finished with my ADN. Good luck!


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