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Pre-nursing anxiety

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Is anyone else having some anxiety issues related to trying to get into nursing school? The nursing counselor's at my school put so much pressure on us to get A's in our classes that it has created some real anxiety for me. Last semester I cried for a solid day because I got an 87 as a final grade in anatomy 2 (our school doesn't take + and - grades so whether it's an 80 or an 89 still a B). This pressure has also given me test anxiety so I will know the material up until I have the exam in front of me and then I can't remember even the easiest stuff. anybody else going through this? and any advice?


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The best advise is take a brake before you have a brake down. It gets harder. You need to take some time. Don't base your education on test, focus it on learning. Not once in 40 some years of nursing did a patient ever ask me what I got on a test. They asked me want is going on and can you help me. But I have to admit that Nursing schools now days put to much stock in test scores and not enough on the art of nursing and it is an art. The schools don't know you after you graduate. You will be on your own. My wife just look at this post and said, "The old man is rambling again." So just take it easy.

Okay girl. So I am going to begin my hard classes this summer. Anatomy 1 in summer, then anatomy 2, micro and college alg for fall to be done by deadline. How I see it, yeah aim for an A. It doesn't mean that's what its gonna take to make it. It just means that if you put in A effort you have the better chance of making a good enough grade to be considered for you program. Look at it this way, focus on understanding what needs to be learned then good grades follow. There are some who will have higher gpa's than you, but won't know the material as well, therefore, won't get accepted. At my school the avg acceptance GPA is a 3.6. So that means plenty made a b and got in. You'll do great. If nursing is what you love then channel that passion into what you're learning. God bless!

I am having the same problem right now. I put that pressure on myself because I didn't do well in high school and now I think I have to have a 4.0 all the time. Somehow I have still maintained my 4.0 but... my social life is suffering, I feel ill a lot of the time, I freak out all the time, I no longer have fun, and I'm starting to sprout white hairs. I got a C on a paper last week in Written Communication and nearly died. I figure, it's ok not to get A's all the time because I WILL burnout eventually. It's ok to get a B. My school doesn't really accept on a GPA but on the NLN test.

Take a deep breath! If I were you I'd speak a little less frequently with your advisor or ask for a different one! I had a similair experience where an advisor was pretty cold and sort of treated me like I was loosing my mind (which can almost happen when trying to get into nursing). I felt just plain sick over it after I left her office. That day I applied to every other school within 2 hours of my house whose deadline I had not missed. I haven't spoken with the advisor since and life is much better. I ended up being accepted to one of the other schools I applied to and life is good. Bottom line: you probably have a pretty good handle on what you need to do to get to nursing, so unless you have a question you specifically need answered by her don't even bother talking to her if she is just going to get you all anxiety ridden. Too much pressure is never good. Perhaps there are counselors on campus you could go see to help you cope? Perhaps you could go for a walk or run to release some anxiety before you take an exam? exercise can really help to relieve stress and clear your mind.

Aw...:hug: Cheer up! If you made it that far to A&P II and made a B, give yourself a pat on the back. The fact that your adviser is demanding A's in all sciences (while it is not impossible), isn't really tangible.