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I am a recent graduated registered nurse. I applied to a new grad program that I really was hoping to get an interview for. I received an email to take an exam that would "help determine employment". It had some general nursing questions and personality questions that were to be answered on a scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree. I took the test and immediately my application status went to "no longer a consideration". Does anyone have any advice on how to take these exams?


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I have taken those as well but mine never said that. I would assume that you didn't answer the nursing questions correctly? Mine only had personality questions


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Are you sure it was the questionnaire that affected your status? I've done a few of them, based on the ones I've done, I think they want to see that you can get along well with your co-workers, aren't a complete recluse, but also don't completely rely on others to relieve your stress and make decisions for you. I think they want to see that you can multi-task. I've always come across lots of questions that ask how you go about organizing your work load, and I believe a preference for doing multiple things at once, switching from task to task, is the right answer. They want someone who desires to collaborate with a team versus working independently. Some of the other questions I've encountered have been obvious, like "I enjoy reading professional journals". You don't want "strongly disagree" to that. Just make sure to be honest and not answer 1 or 5 all the time. If something doesn't apply either way answer 3, if you think you should strongly agree but don't really, answer "somewhat agree" or vice versa.


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Thanks for the input. I'm guessing if that there is a computer generated score that automatically moves you forward or not. I wasn't prepared to take the test. It was my first ever nursing job application. Hoping I'll do better next time.