Practice tests and scores


Hey everyone, like the rest of you I am starting to get really nervous about the exam. Im Canadian and have been out of school for 2 years so I just have a few questions for you guys, but I am a practicing RN in Canada,

I am using Mosby's review for NCLEX, and i did one of the comprehensive practise tests and I only got 66%. To me that is not great, but i was just wondering if there were people here who got scores like that on their practise tests but still passed the NCLEX. What are most of you averaging for scores on the practise tests? (doesnt matter what book you use whether it is Kaplan, Saunders or Mosby's).

Granted I lost marks because I havent studied OB yet, but still. I just dont know how im gonna keep all this info in my head, and im supposed to write next week! Im seriously considering rebooking, but I just want to get it over with too.


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