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i was doing some practise question and i came across this question which reads:

A nurse prepares to irrigate and apply a dressing to a client wound. The nurse dons PPE including gloves, gown, mask and goggles. After completing the treatment, the nurse removes the PPE. Place the nurses action for removing the PPE in the the correct order.

- remove gloves

-remove gown

-remove mask

-remove goggles

-perform handwashing

-performhand hygiene after removing all of the PPE.

i was using the CDC form to answer this question like remove gloves,washhand, goggles, gown, mask and hand hygiene after removing all of the PPE and i had it to be wrong and again from another book and my answer was still wrong.

I want to know if every precaution has it way of removing and donning b/c the rational is not giving any explaination as to why theirs is correct. what do you know about this ?

thank you for responding.



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I don't know if this is correct according to your test, but we are taught gloves, wash hands, eyewear, gown, mask, then hand hygiene. This is to protect the nurse and pt from transmission of potentially infective materials.



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Some of the review materials have incorrect information. I followed CDC guidelines when responding to these questions.



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Thank you guys, but think i will stick to CDC. But do you always get it correct when you use CDC format?

and my problem is what is the nclex way is it different from CDC?



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I learned...

Put on gown, respirator/mask, eyewear. Gloves. (G.R.E.G)

Remove gloves, eyewear, gown,mask..