Postpartum Question


Just wanted to make sure that I have this info right: Normal blood loss after delivery is 200-400 for vag and 700-1000 for csection. HCT drops 2-3 points with 500 ml of blood loss and a patients HCT needs to be 20% or higher after delivery or there is a problem. Do I have that info correct? My notes are kind of a mess on this section for some reason. Thanks for the help!

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I know this is a student question however I have NO OB/Gyn except my own.....moved toOB/GYN to help you get a response. I know what is good for a cardiac patient.......OB? I have not the slightest..LOL

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700-1000 ebl for a C/S is excessive. an EBL of 1000 is technically considered a postpartum hemorrhage.

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Thanks guys! And I didn't even think to post it on the OB forum:)